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    Our troops in Afghanistan have orders to stand by rather than rescue our people. Our people being allies and citizens. Imaging being able to rescue people but having orders to stand down. That will fuck you up for life. I have an intimate understanding of PTSD and it's insidious, destructive...
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    Canvas Bow Cover Questions

    I have a build slot about a year out for a dinghy. I'm looking for bow cover ideas. The builder is slammed with orders and IMO does not want to slow down his work flow to develop one and I don't really blame him too much. The cover will go over a big stowage hatch so it has to easily unsnap...
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    Tsunami Alert- Aleutian Islands

    7.5 MAG earthquake just south of the Aleutians. Live updates:
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    Taste Test Tanya's Pussy

    So I bought some Santa Barbara Mango & Peach organic salsa at Costco today. WHOA!!!   I was immediately taken back to a girlfriend from long ago.  This salsa tastes like her. Uncanny. She had incredible body chemistry and everything about her was delicious.  You could kiss her 5 minutes...
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    Modern Weed

    I was warned. Wow! Last night I picked up the reefer for the first time in 35 years. This, kids, is not your father's Oldsmobile. Blueberry Diesel, FWIW.
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    White Whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca

    Help a brother out. Some years ago the wife and I were paddling near Sequim. It was snowing and calm, great conditions. Two ~20 foot white whales passed under us headed west.  Anyone have any idea what they could have been? Thanks.
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    Art Bell, DTS

    One of a kind talk show host passes on Friday the 13th. The guy was born to do late night radio. His replacement on Coast To Coast AM wasn't fit to carry his water.
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    Hey, you gotta start somewhere. The International Potato Center launched a series of experiments to discover if potatoes can grow on Mars...
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    Cigar Pussy

    No no no, not Bill Clinton and Monica... Not that there is anything wrong with that. I'm a cigar pussy. I never smoke a cigar down to the nub. Not even a mild Ashton Cabinet # whatever. Till today. A genuine Romeo Y Julieta Habana-Cuba. Mmmm... Damn... Etc... I am definitely stocking up next...
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    Fuck Utah

    I don't give a rat's ass if it is fair to condemn an entire state 'cause of it's drivers or not. Fuck Utah, right in the pussy. Drove across that fucker yesterday and no fewer than four drivers tried or succeeded to shove me out of my lane. Fuck Utah, right in the ass. Granted one of them...
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    Bad Band Names

    I'll start, which is kinda clever as this the first post. Glad their music is better. Cross Canadian Ragweed
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    Oklahoma! You Gotta See This!

    Turns out if you are passed out drunk and someone gives you head it ain't rape?!?