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  1. Miles.Abrams

    Anyone have a vyacht wifi router unit?

    I bought a wifi router / nmea2000 converter from, and am having some difficulty getting it working. The maker is in Sweden and we haven't had much luck figuring out the problem remotely. While I could send it back to him for troubleshooting, I'd prefer to chat with someone who's set...
  2. Miles.Abrams

    delivery crew WANTED. Bermuda to Halifax, after the Race

    Dogsled, a Kaufmann 47 and Class 4 winner in 2012, needs a few bodies to get her back to Halifax. I'm posting on behalf of the skipper, and I think I can say accommodations in Halifax are available, unless you're a dick and he doesn't want you in his house. You'll need to cover airfare back to...
  3. Miles.Abrams

    Crew available for Monday or Tuesday nights in Newport, RI

    Hello sailors and sailorettes. I've relocated to Newport for the summer and possibly beyond. I'd like to get on a reasonably serious boat for Tuesday night one design racing out of Newport Yacht Club, or I just learned there's a Shields fleet that goes out on Mondays - I'd be grateful for a...
  4. Miles.Abrams

    Route Halifax - Saint-Pierre race 2014

    Creating a new topic every two years is so much fucking work...
  5. Miles.Abrams

    available tonight, BCYA

    Anyone in Charm City sailing tonight? Need a warm body? Gael Force couldn't get enough crew to race.
  6. Miles.Abrams

    new non skid claims salopette knee patches

    So, skipper Dan put some awesome nonskid down on American Girl's deck this winter, but my foulies are somewhat the worse for wear as a result. The outer layer of material on the knee area my Atlantis salopette did its job - the gear is still waterproof, but the next time it will tear through...
  7. Miles.Abrams

    Customary charges for on site mechanical work

    Hi Friends, I've just paid an invoice for mechanical work (generator) and have a couple of questions. 1 - Is it normal to charge the full labor rate ($89) for travel time? 2 - Is it normal to pass shipping charges for ordered parts on to the client ($31) Thanks.
  8. Miles.Abrams

    Route Halifax - Saint-Pierre race 2012

    In! Go the Dogsled!
  9. Miles.Abrams

    Piers Marina, Philadelphia PA

    Does anyone here know Chuck the Dockmaster at the Piers Marina in Philadelphia? I want to stay there for a couple of weeks starting Saturday, but my voicemail and text message have both gone unanswered. If you know him, please ask him to check the office voice mail. Thanks, KT aka Square Peg...
  10. Miles.Abrams

    paint my bottom

    Hi SA'ers, I've always done my own work, but I am about to buy a liveaboard trawler (36' Mainship); the bottom needs redoing in the worst way, the local yard doesn't want the work (welcomes subcontractors), and it's more bottom than I feel like doing. I'd love to give my business to one of the...
  11. Miles.Abrams

    Newport Unlimited

    I'm in, on Blue Moon. And watching the weather with a sinking feeling in my heart.
  12. Miles.Abrams

    kevlar energized - wtf?

    Does anyone know what the marketing pukes were trying to oversell when they called the mid 80s Jeanneau hulls 'kevlar energized'? I did some googling and learned that they were early adopters of the fiber, but aside from a label, I can't tell what if anything else about the boats was special.
  13. Miles.Abrams

    What companies sponsor sailing in the USA?

    I want a list, please. Big or small, local or national, the only criteria is that their marketing dollars go towards sailing events that are basically US in origin. I want to spend my money on companies that support my sport. Please include an event you know they contributed to. Oracle...
  14. Miles.Abrams

    Pirates arrested off Madagascar

    Disabled pirate mother ship is taken. Duh - target the mother ships!
  15. Miles.Abrams

    Somali hijacking of S/V Quest catches J/109 owner

    These were the companions of the owners of Quest, which was hijacked on the 11th.   http://forums.sailin...pic=118962&st=0   J/109 Owner, and retired vet Dr. Bob Riggle from Seattle and his companion Phyllis MaCay have embarked on the ultimate around the world cruising adventure...
  16. Miles.Abrams

    How to get taken for a ride

    I am a decent sailor, and this discussion presumes you are, too. But it also presumes that you're not a pro or anything close to it. I want to respond to the recurring question of how to get a ride on a 'big' boat, because I personally have had a lot of success in that regard, despite the fact...
  17. Miles.Abrams

    Harbor Freight opening in Orange CT

    Per the Orange CT press release, HFT will open a store at 150 BPR in Orange on March 1. Note - dis ain't no pimpin - just a PSA for those of you who would have otherwise made the trip to Hartford.
  18. Miles.Abrams

    A question about safety

    Please refer me to a discussion elsewhere if there is one, but I don't see that anyone has examined what would happen if that kickass promotional video becomes reality...............and then there's a crash. Scenario: a half dozen boats screaming to a downwind mark. The lead boat hits a wave...
  19. Miles.Abrams

    Buffing / Polishing with an Orbital Sander

    Hi all, I'm trying to avoid buying another power tool, especially one for which I think there might be a decent substitute already in my bag. Can I compound/polish/wax my topsides with my rock-solid Milwaukee 5" orbital sander, or do I need to buy a dedicated rig? I've found polishing/buffing...
  20. Miles.Abrams

    winter slip wanted near Branford, CT

    http://newhaven.crai...1965831998.html Please PM me with any leads.