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  1. Tylo

    Removing stains (rust?) on mast

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can give me some tips with regards to removing some stains/scratches on my mast. One of them looks like it has been in rough contact with another metal while others look like it has been resting on something that has rusted. The area with rough contact has some...
  2. Tylo

    Engine anode problem

    Hello, I've recently bought my first very own boat and although I've always had boats in the family I don't have much on-hand experience with engines in particular. Anyway, I went to change the impeller and zinc on the new-to-me raw water cooled Volvo Penta 2001. The impeller change went great...
  3. Tylo

    Cracked cabin roof, non-starter?

    Hi, Bit of a noob question here but hopefully someone can find the time to voice their opinion on this. With the current limitations (both government and self-imposed) on travel and sailing abroad I've been eyeing up some nice daysailers and came across one that was very enticing in terms of...