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  1. Windward

    LONQR 2

  2. Windward

    Meme Anarchy
  3. Windward

    Hurricane Season 2022

    Coming soon to BringATrailer. I hope it was just a clone, and nobody left a real one out in the hurricane
  4. Windward

    New Well, Smelly Water

    Well heck... there is your solution right there in front of you! Shower in Fiji water. Flavored if you are feeling frisky. *** Sheish. Why do I have to all the heavy lifting for you people.
  5. Windward

    Pink Floyd - History Roger Waters gigs in Poland cancelled amid Ukraine backlash
  6. Windward

    Come of death!

    A floating store could be trouble to prep for the event. Good luck! Throw out some more anchors if you have them to spare.
  7. Windward

    Look out East Coast Canada!

    Not to belittle the event, and certainly hoping for the best. But... Isn't every storm historic, dramatic, catastrophic and otherwise apocalyptic? You must tune in for the latest advertisements! Big update coming soon. I'll watch, but ugg... the reporting.
  8. Windward

    LONQR 2

    Florida highway covered in Coors Light beer after semi crash
  9. Windward

    Torture music

  10. Windward

    Most Evil

    That mean cat over in the Meme thread should make the list.
  11. Windward

    Meme Anarchy

    I don't think that mean cat that keeps making those two ladies so mad in all those memes would taste good.
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    Tomorrow Mr. Crab... Tomorrow.
  13. Windward


    Sure looks like one. They must do State Fair’s differently than I have seen on either coast. How progressive!
  14. Windward

    Potential SCOW

    There is a lot to unpack there.
  15. Windward

    Sun Seeker done right!

    Wow... what a story of legal woe. I can't imagine the stress he must have been under during the whole ordeal. Shame on the Mexican legal system. I know it's their thing, and the US has probably worse examples. At least the Mexican Navy seems to have stepped in and done the right thing.
  16. Windward

    LONQR 2

    Clearly you don't use the Photoshop brand sails like I do. They can do amazing things!
  17. Windward


    With the enthusiasm that the mow-n-blow crew seem to attack our HOA lawns, the forest does not stand a chance. All that stuff would be blown to one side of the forest, and then laboriously blown back. And they would also overwater the forest as well, so no fires could possibly occur.
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    Too much friction on the 3X yoga pants? But how would that explain how the parking lot of Walmart gets into the forest... hmmm... :unsure:
  19. Windward

    Man sets record rowing Pumpkin

    Going about as fast as SV Seeker.
  20. Windward

    Medical Technology

    So not being snarky or combative. What would you suggest that a "well meaning" person say to you in your circumstances? Idle talk, and all the same acknowledging your struggles and while sounding sympathetic? Ignoring your situation and talking around it seems to be rude and almost...