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  1. bluelaser2

    It’s not the world cup

    The ed has a sweet tooth for displaying performative virtue.  This ain't the first time.  Sure it's not ideal for the environment to run 100 RIBS for a five-day regatta.  Let's say those RIBs average 3 hours of motoring over the day, maybe average 70HP, maybe average half-throttle, so about...
  2. bluelaser2

    T-10 website down, anyone know date/location of NA's?

    Inquiring, thanks if you have any info 
  3. bluelaser2

    Gravity: 32 word review and why you should see it

    Best depiction of spaceflight ever filmed. 3D IMAX if you can- but 3D is essential. I'm not a Clooney or Bullock fan: it don't matta. They were fine. Not to be missed.