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    Ramsey Lewis DTS

    Media in Chicago are reporting that Ramsey Lewis died at his home. He was 87 years old.
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    Fauci to Retire

    The NYT and various other news sources are reporting that Dr. Fauci will retire and step down from his positions in December. I would expect that President Biden would award Dr. Fauci with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Fauci has one such award given to him by President Bush for Fauci’s...
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    Paul Sorvino DTS

    Paul Sorvino is dead at age 83
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    Car Carrying Ship on Fire

    “Cargo Ship Carrying Porsche, VW Vehicles Headed for U.S. Catches Fire in Atlantic” Reportedly 4000 vehicles on board including Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and VWs. Read one report on a Porsche blog that one guy ordered his car in March, 2021 and it is on the ship. The insurance payouts are...
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    Free COVID test site is up and running

    “Website to order free Covid-19 tests is up and running” Soft opening/beta test. My wife used it and it worked fine. She received a confirmation from the USPS about 17 minutes after she placed the order...
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    Free COVID tests

    “Website to order free Covid-19 tests is up and running” They rolled it out a day early. Beta test or soft opening.  My wife used it and 17 minutes later she received a confirming email from the USPS that...
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    School Shooting

    Aw shit.  Here we go again. “3 students killed, 8 people injured in Michigan high school shooting, authorities say”
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    Belicheck, Medal of Freedom

    Bill Belicheck has declined Trump’s offer of the Presidential Medal of  Freedom
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    Tommy Lasorda DTS

    Tommy Lasorda died last night. 93 years old. Spent 71 years in the Dodgers organization. Managed them to two WS wins and lived long enough to see them win tge WW in 2020.
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    World Health Organization

    As he continues to salt the earth and make a mockery of the US, Trump’s latest move is to leave WHO. “Trump Gave WHO a List of Demands. Hours Later, He Walked Away.”
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    Donnie’s New Desk

    This is funny.  The comments are priceless ”People Can’t Believe  Donald Trump’s Tiny Looking Desk for His Thanksgiving Rant Isn’t a Joke”
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    Alabama’s Newest Senator

    Tommy Tuberville displays his ignorance.     “Tommy Tuberville's Alabama Daily News Interview Shows Just How Little He Knows About HIs New Gig” Alabama + football and you...
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    Beneteau-South Carolina

    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. Beneteau has announced that it is closing their Marion, SC plant...
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    VP Pence, Mac Island Pence has an 8 vehicle caravan on Mac Island where vehicles have been banned for more than a century.
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    N.C. special elections
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    49 years ago

    Tomorrow. May 4, 1970.  4 students killed at Kent State University by the Ohio National Guard.
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    Trump and MLB I really don’t know what to make of this. But, an administration official referring to this as human trafficking is sad and funny at the same time.
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    Another Round of Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

    This time no Congressional approval needed.
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    Obama policy on oceans, Great Lakes scrapped
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    Aides to Haley Resign

    Just another blip on the radar screen or an indication of something more systemic? One had come over from the Heritage Foundation; the other from Fox News. Normally when you see a picture of her she is all smiles.She looks haggard in this photo...