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  1. can-UK

    2022 Dubai to Muscat Race on a Corsair F28R

    Hi All I’ve put together a short video about our latest Dubai to Muscat Race on my Corsair F28R - Sabotage. 
  2. can-UK

    Capsized tri off the UK

    Story here:  Anyone know what happened? What boat is it?
  3. can-UK

    Capsized Tri

    Anyone know the story about this?
  4. can-UK

    F28R vs F31R - Speed?

    Ignoring the obvious differences that come with size (standing room, enclosed head.. ).. What is the real-world difference (assuming both are unmodified) in speed between an F28R and an F31R? Next question is.. can an F28R be modified to match an F31R?
  5. can-UK

    Surveyor Recommendations for F31R Southern California

    Hi, I've decided to get a Corsair F31R but I'm struggling to find a surveyor with experience with folding Tris. Any recommendations for San Diego or Venice Beach? Thanks in advance
  6. can-UK

    Modern A-Class vs Solo F16

    I'm toying with the idea of getting a singlehanded boat but I'm struggling to choose between a up-to-date A-Class (curved foils and rudder winglets) and a F16 (light weight with a carbon mast - e.g. Falcon/Bimare). I current sail an F18. Our racing fleet is split across F18s, F16s (Solo and...
  7. can-UK

    What is it?

    Does anyone know what this is? It was posted on FB by Catamaran Racing, News and Design.
  8. can-UK

    F18 Spinnaker - Small rips

    Hi All, I have a Nacra Infusion F18. I keep finding small holes and tears near the centre of the foot of the sail... between the bottom edge and the first retrieval ring. I've taped everything up and have looked for anything which might be snagging the sail during gybes and retrievals... but...
  9. can-UK

    Adding Stickers to Pentex Sails

    I have a Pentex Jib for a Nacra Infusion and it's starting to show its age.. some crinkles and creases in the lower panels. I was wondering if i could extend the life of the sail by adding vinyl stickers to: a) protect against further creasing/wrinkles B) to 'smooth' out the sail. My guess...
  10. can-UK

    Nacra Infusion - rear beam plate threads stripped

    The threads have disintegrated on one socket of the rear beam plates on my Nacra Infusion. I'm planning on helicoil-ing some new threads in... any tips or warnings i should be aware of? Has anyone disregarded this and gone for an alternative approach (i.e. larger bolt or a longer bolt with...