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  1. CapnK

    Thunderbird dinghy by Snug Harbor

    Picked this up off of Craigslist yesterday, have been able to find very few references to the boat and/or the manufacturer online. A couple forum references elsewhere, a couple 'For Sale' listings, and a blog is about it. There's a dealer/broker in GA that uses 'Snug Harbor' in their name, but...
  2. CapnK

    Canadian Sailcraft Caprice 15 - owners?

    Found one of these not too far away, a one-owner boat complete with a period "Mighty Mite" 1.7hp outboard. Of course, it's going to need some work, was wondering if anyone else has one of these and if so, can I throw some Q's at you? TIA!
  3. CapnK

    Dotan Rudder - dinghy/small boat 'auto' kick up/down

    Well, maybe not exactly "automatic". but damned close. Has anyone here used or seen these in person? Seems the only way to get them in the USA is from the OEM in Latvia.  
  4. CapnK

    25 years living/cruising a 27'er

    Did a search for this boat name and found no mention of them here. Simply could not stomach the thought of lumping them in with the "Patreon crowd" thread - and I don't think they have one. Good on 'em! No bikini's, only 13K subs in 11 years of YT'ing I'm the newest; good stuff. :)  
  5. CapnK

    1) Wreck boat 2) go Social 3) Profit!

    I may have discovered the new sailing-related social media moneymaking paradigm. It works as described in the title^^^ Remember the couple who sank their boat 2nd day out, then got crowdfunded for a few $K and a new 36' boat for $1? This guy near-repeated their, well, what -...
  6. CapnK

    Patrick Childress on S/V Brick House has passed away

    So sad to hear of this.  
  7. CapnK

    "Different" monohull interior layouts?

    My Islander 36 has a beam of over 11'. This makes the salon area huge, like a dance floor when the table is folded up. Great at rest, but not what you really want in a seaway. I'm thinking to clutter it up a bit, maybe... ;) I started looking for layout ideas other than the typical "settee...
  8. CapnK

    Ranger 23, LA -> HI solo

    Fellow A-30 owner James posted this video of a short interview to his YT thread "SPECIAL EPISODE: SAM HOLMES HAWAII BOUND on a 23ft Sailboat", linky: Garmin Tracker: Sailors own YT Chan:
  9. CapnK

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    How about a list of the 'best of all the rest' in one place?  Videos with (as much as I love 'em) less emphasis on bikinis, and more on good film making, imagery, or quality sailing/cruising related information. Videos with high signal to noise, and little to no pandering. Are there many out...