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  1. SockeyeUS119

    Prop Strut broke! Help!

    I have a broken prop strut on my Chaser 29. Where in heavens name does a guy find that part?  It got welded once but it didn't last long. 
  2. SockeyeUS119

    Lewmar 30 st single speed. REPAIR

    Can I mill out the corrosion and wear inside the drum ( bearing surface) and bush it out?
  3. SockeyeUS119

    new old 505

    we bought a 505. it has lots of upgrades but is still an old beater. we need to re-glue parts of the CB trunk to the floor, reinforce the CB pivots, and re attach some of the tabbing to the hull. It is a Lindsey finished Parker hull late '70's. the inner skin looks like Kevlar. The class website...
  4. SockeyeUS119

    Don't Get Me Started!

    I mean, really. Can you believe it! Oh! Don't get me started.....
  5. SockeyeUS119

    diesel engine anarchy

    not so much a question as a Who'd a Thunk it! A few weeks ago my engine quit while bringing kids back from regatta. seemed like a simple clogged fuel filter. I cleaned the sight bowl and replaced the filter. dock side advice said replace the other filter too and pull the tank and get a new one...
  6. SockeyeUS119

    tapered halyard with double braid eye splice and two feet of chafe gau

    any ideas on which splice or bury to do first? the rope is samson MLX 3/8". with a shackle too!
  7. SockeyeUS119

    Zim Fj's and the front page!

    I just read an article on the front page. I know.. it is remarkable. The upshot is that the University of Michigan Sailing team has just raised half of $200,000 for 12 new Zim FJ's. hold on a minute- i have to go back an d look to be sure i have the facts right. OK, they raised $100,000 for...
  8. SockeyeUS119

    Cascade 36?

    I think I am going nuts. I am sure cascade or columbia has made a newish 30+' modern race boat with an assy. I can't find anything. Help. Polars too.
  9. SockeyeUS119

    One of my moms old sailing photos.

    Do any of you know what this is?
  10. SockeyeUS119

    V-15 grab rail rrpair

    I have to replace the grab rails on the vanguard. One got ripped off last summer. I 'll probably use wood because I' cheap and have free wood. What is the good technique to put adequate backing in the hull to get the screws in?
  11. SockeyeUS119

    Is there anything besides a maxptop?

    So my new boat has motor. Big change for me. Except the fubking thing won't slow down and reverse. I mean , it will but it is next to worthless. I mean it is better than a paddle but not as good as my old kicker except it is more conveinient. I jgst thought the biat wouls stop. It's a martec...
  12. SockeyeUS119

    Spin size-does it really matter?

    I have traded the six meter for a nine meter. i now own a C&C 27 MKV #585. She has never been spinerized so i am chomping up bits left from Sockeye and seeing if they fit. I have a VMG reacher that is the correct luff length but instead of 18' foot length it is 22'. The racing tips say this...
  13. SockeyeUS119

    OPti certer board fix

    I have never been more proud. My ten YO daughter came into the leeward mark DDW on Stbd and at the last moment she slammed down her board down and gybed sheeted in rolled the boat up flat and took off for the last beat to finish.  Helping put her stuff away i noticed the whole top of her...
  14. SockeyeUS119

    Beside a link to Shay's web site...

    Thanks so much to the link and critiques of clyub websites in the other thread (including the one for proofreading, Mid). I have looked through them and come up with my opinions but it occurred to me that you all might have a list of wants and dislikes for a site such as a club subscription to...
  15. SockeyeUS119

    Best Yacht Club web sites

    We're redoing our club site and I need examples of the best small club sites. We're about 150 members that allow only sail boats. post links and tell me all yucan about whats good and who makes the soft ware. Thanks
  16. SockeyeUS119

    Six meter worlds on now

    Over Labor Day weekend the museum of yachting held the classic boat regatta and the sixs used it for a tune up and North Americans. results listed but no pics :( The boats are on the World cup course right now but postponement...
  17. SockeyeUS119

    Bruntons flying wires

    I was turned on to a soursce for lenticular rod riging yesterday. see the page for bruntons wires. They can thread either direction and leave round sections for the spreader tips. 316 SS and aircraft forks it that is what you want. No prices, but if they are competitive, is...
  18. SockeyeUS119

    Holy Anarchy, Batman

    You can only imagine the desperately foolish decision they have made. I, ofcourse am honored that a sailing only club would infer that a few hours of volunteer labor could be morphed into 15 years of servitude. The notion of promotion beyond ones capabilities, was the subject of a famous book...
  19. SockeyeUS119

    My trip to the dark side

    Thats a little different than my trip to the dark side. I declined an offer to take out a couple of friends on their mac 26 that they had never used to view the fireworks last night on the Seattle waterfront. Wife, Kid and I were previously invited on a 43' trawler to view the Fireworks ...
  20. SockeyeUS119

    I want this on a Tee-Shirt

    US Sailing administers the rating systems that allow the roughly 1.34 million different varieties of four knot shitboxes to bitch about their ratings while getting super-drunk on a weeknight.