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  1. Dino

    Gelcoat not curing

    Hi,  I removed a small fibreglass fairing piece off my sportsboat and stripped and sanded it. The previous owner had rattle-canned it in an ugly blue that had scratched badly. It wanted to strip it, sand it back and re-gelcoat it. Then sand and polish.  I applied the gelcoat and it looked...
  2. Dino

    Bottom Finish

    Hi,  I'm looking to pimp the hull and foils of my SB20 over the winter and I was wondering what's the best and fastest option. Should I wet & dry the hull in 1500-2000 grit, compound, polish and wax? Or is there a better way to go? Is the McLube Speed Polish any good?   
  3. Dino

    Boat for Atlantic Circuit/Circumnav

    Hi, In the next year to 18 months my situation is likely to change considerably and I am considering heading off cruising. Initially I am interested in doing an Atlantic Circuit - Ireland/UK to Northern Spain - Portugal - Canary Islands and the ARC to St Lucia in November. After that I'd like...
  4. Dino

    New Sailing TV Channel on Sky

    I'm not sure if this has been covered before but I see there are two new Sailing tv channels on Sky channel 445 and 447 in the UK and Ireland. It doesn't start until 2am but its ideal for recording. It has lots of French stuff like Voiles de St tropez, spi & Figaro. Enjoy!
  5. Dino

    Cheap VO70 (to buy/not run)

    I just spotted the old ABN AMBRO 1/Delta Lloyd is going for a steal... €199K is nothing for an offshore blasting machine... Okay the running costs are going to be painful.
  6. Dino

    Old J24 Lookalike

    I saw this old sh1tter online yesterday. I was looking for an old doer upper J24. This boat is in North Wales. n It looks like a J24 but the cockpit is different and the ass is pinched like an IOR boat. Is this an old IOR 1/4 Tonner or something else?
  7. Dino

    747 One Design

    Hi, Does anyone know the story with the 747 One Design? I see one for sale locally and it looks nice. It rates 0.960 on IRC so I'm guessing it's going to struggle. Can these OD's be modded under IRC to make them more competitive? Would smaller Asym kites and/or Symmetric kites make a difference?
  8. Dino

    Refinish blistered rudder blade

    Hi, the rudder blade on my sportsboat came with a cover. Unfortunately, the rudder got damp while in the bag and now the entire blade is covered in tiny blisters. I need to refinish the blade but should I just sand it and then paint it or do I need to regel it? Anyone got any good links to...
  9. Dino

    Green Dragon

    Hi, I just saw pics on facebook of the green dragon being moved out of the shed in Galway. Does anyone know what they are doing with it? I hope it's going to be more than just a corporate day tripping boat on Galway bay.
  10. Dino

    ID this Finn lookalike

    This dinghy just popped up on a local ads site. It's 12 foot long and looks like a small Finn dinghy. I've tried a few UK websites but no joy. Does anyone here recognise it? The sail logo looks like a fly of some sort...
  11. Dino

    Scorpion Dinghy

    Hi, A Scorpion dinghy has popped up for sale on a local website. It's going for small money and it's well kitted out. Does anyone know anything about these boats. Would it be suitable for singlehanding in light to moderate conditions? I won't be racing, I just want a dinghy for going out for a...
  12. Dino

    Retrofit an bowsprit to a Fireball

    Hi, I might have the opportunity to buy an old fibreglass 1970's Fireball very cheap. It is well past being competitive and i would only use it for blasting round the lake on a summer evening. I would mainly use it singlehanded so I was wondering if an Assymetric kite would work on it. It has a...
  13. Dino

    What's this???

    Hi, I spotted this on a local for sale website. I haven't a clue what it is but it looks interesting. Okay the cockpit is tiny ut it might make a decent winter project.
  14. Dino

    ICRA Nationals

    I see the Irish Cruiser Racing Association (ICRA) Nationals class bands are up on the Royal St George YC Website ... Looks like a very good fleet of 112 boats.. Class Zero and One look very competitive. I see the Aquelina...
  15. Dino

    ISAF Classification Cat 2 Scrapped

    I see ISAF have scrapped the Cat 2 Classification from April. This is probably going to affect a lot of semi-pro's who work in the sailing industry but manage to hold on to a Cat 2. It's probably going to affect a good few teams in this years Commodores Cup and events like Cork Week will have...
  16. Dino

    Beneteau First 40

    I see in the latest Seahorse that Andrew McIrvine, the Commodore of RORC, has taken delivery of a new First 40 and intends to be part of a UK CC team. I checked the IRC ratings of the top two Sydney Hobart boats and they rate 1.085 and 1.088. Are these carrying overlapping Jibs or...
  17. Dino

    In Port Race, Alicante

    Hi, Myself and a few fellow Anarchists are heading down to Alicante for the In Port race on the 4th of October. Will there be any spectator boats available? Otherwise is there anywhere to charter a rib or will any Anarchists be there on their boats? If you have room for 2 to 4 Irish lads on...
  18. Dino

    British IRC Nationals

    This should be kicking off around now. The breeze is looking very light with www./ showing 6mph in the Solent. The RORC haven't got any details of class bands on their website. Does anyone know if they were released. Also, I spotted the new Mills IRC68 Alegre on the entry list...
  19. Dino

    Need New Offshore Gear

    Hi, It looks like I might be heading offshore again this year and my old gear is not very waterproof anymore. I was going to buy in my local Chandlers but seeing as the Euro is very strong against the dollar & sterling I thought I would check if there are any deals going. I'm after some...
  20. Dino

    New Tiamat launched

    I just got this photo in a text. The new Tiamat is in the water. It will be sponsored by Alfa Romeo. They are doing the level rating 45 footer event this weekend so it will be interesting to see how she goes. I'm not sure what she rates yet...