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  1. walterbshaffer

    Multihull Trophy Needed

    Attention all multihull sailors, dealers, manufacturers, brokers or enthusiasts: this year PHRF San Diego has begun rating multihulls as class "8" boats within our fleet and while class "8" is not on the championship series calendar for 2014 they will be for 2015. Typically PHRF San Diego will...
  2. walterbshaffer

    storing spins or zeros on furlers

    I'm thinking about putting anasym spin or zero on furler but have concers about how they store below decks when not in use. Does the torsional line make it difficult or is there a "bad" way to store it? Anybody have any advice or observations?
  3. walterbshaffer

    mainsail clew tie down options

    currently using velcro to strap the clew of the main to the boom velcro needs replacing options? needs to be able to move fore & aft a bit when the outhaul is employed would like something that is easier to cinch down/tighten than the velcro aluminum boom with black awlgrip over...
  4. walterbshaffer

    Sailor Running for Phoenix City Council

    i came across this and thought wouldn't it be great if every city council, governor's office, legislature or parliament everywhere had a stock of sailors filling positions? I know it's Phoenix, but I know there's a lot of sailors out there and this one has a San Diego connection...
  5. walterbshaffer

    odd things you see in the marina

    thes are actually through bolted:
  6. walterbshaffer

    IRC Minutes

    Interesting stuff covering a range of topics discussed/mentioned previously on SA: http://www.ircrating...utes_121013.pdf
  7. walterbshaffer

    good for you scooter, alan & dawg

    I suppose that on a site like SA such BS is inevitable but kudos for squashing it. Hope you squashed the OP as well.
  8. walterbshaffer

    stainless steel

    We took the dinette off the SS hand hold/roll bar/benson in the main cabin: silly me hanging a cloth with 3M metal polish on it that I had used to clean all the rest of the stanless with. The cloth hung there for a week, now the SS finish looks dark grey Any way of restoring it?
  9. walterbshaffer

    painting powder coating boom?

    5 years of scuffing banging scraping & fading has me wanting to refinish my powder coated aluminum boom. Googled it, searched these forums, spoke to many an oracle and what I've come up with is that enamels & latx paints will scratch & fade, that clear coats will really scratch...
  10. walterbshaffer

    Artemis (Sweden)

    Artemis Racing looked pretty good on Sunday (& 3rd overall so far in the ACWS) in the strong breeze. Saw what appreared to be an inverted jib batten after the first leeward gate - anybody know for sure what that was and how it happened?
  11. walterbshaffer

    New Bottom Paint for San Diego

    This really is not about gear, but hope to get San Diego specific advice. My dive service (Pressley) called me yesterday to let me know that after Nov 1 they may not be able to dive my boat due to new pollution control laws instituted by the SDPA. That's okay, because although I don't like the...
  12. walterbshaffer

    San Diego Port Authority and Bottom Paints

    My dive service (Pressley) called me yesterday to let me know that after Nov 1 they may not be able to dive my boat due to new pollution control laws instituted by the SDPA. That's okay, because although I don't like the irritatingly bureaucratic attitude of the SDPA the bottom is 2 years old...
  13. walterbshaffer

    Nice Transom

    nice try but looks photoshopped
  14. walterbshaffer

    anyone know of a good article on downwind light air VMG sailing

    tired of hearing "but we go faster that direction!" something on line would be nice
  15. walterbshaffer

    cracked gps screen

    during a recent coastal race my handheld garmin 76cx got smacked. is the only fix for a cracked screen to send it back to garmin? the unit appears to be functional; foolish to fix it anticipating another smackola anyway? who's been there & done that?
  16. walterbshaffer

    tsunami in San Diego?

    My good natured but increasingly erratic marina neighbor insists he saw an 8' tide behind the west side of Harbor Island on Friday; said the tide came up at about 10 mph (not knots) and then fell at about a foot a minute thereafter. Anybody else see anything remotely like this? He even showed...
  17. walterbshaffer

    Code Zero wind range

    From the article about Karma Police from the front page: "It was only (!) 35 knots at the start area, but it was a fast, wet ride out of Wellington Harbour. We had the number three jib and two reefs in the main, and that was still too much sail area. We were around Cape Palliser by 8 o’clock...
  18. walterbshaffer

    How would you define where the overlap of a headsail starts?

    How do you define the overlap of a headsail? With straight & raked masts, swept & in line spreaders how would you define where the overlap of a headsail starts? Do your PHRF/IRC rules define at exactly what point the overlap starts? - Foremost part of the front of the mast - Average...
  19. walterbshaffer

    DH spin retrieval

    Anybody have any suggestions for designing/configuring a double handed spinn retrieval system? 33' asymetric boat, frac rig but MH kites. There are lots of options but anything applicable purely to a DH situation that I'm not thinking about?
  20. walterbshaffer

    made up cartoon about public employee salaries & pensions

    I normally don't hang out here because you ar all wrong but this is pretty funny. In fact, it's hilarious: