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  1. Tylo

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Look at the way the shrouds/spreaders shudder at 3:37 ish: Is that normal?
  2. Tylo

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    He's setting the bar at a nice level I feel. Also, "Sailing cos I love it" - brilliant.
  3. Tylo

    catamarans with all accomondations on the bridgedeck - reusing ex racers/daycharter

    Reminds me a little of one of the coolest cats I know of - Cutloose. According to the specs on Grainger's website there is no accommodation in front of the mast bulkhead - in fact it's a watertight.
  4. Tylo

    catamarans with all accomondations on the bridgedeck - reusing ex racers/daycharter

    It's kind of hard to tell but I *think* it could be "Lord Dickie", a Velum 72. It was on the market for some time but looks to be sold. Pretty cool thing! More pictures here: Edit: Even more pictures here...
  5. Tylo

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I'm really sad that they're not boat-based anymore, I hope they get out on the water soon again. They were one of my favorite sailing channels but I've struggled keeping up with the episodes since they moved onto land even though I've tried to. I like them but their current situation is about as...
  6. Tylo

    Curious Double Fatality at Sea

    I still think, given how the boom is resting on the sprayhood in the pictures (both of the recovered boat and those of the boat at sea) and the following account in the BWSailing article, that there may have been a failure of the hydraulic vang: I read this as that Annemarie was sheeting in...
  7. Tylo

    Curious Double Fatality at Sea

    This is the most terrifying and sobering thing for me to think about - imagine how much that boom on the 76 footer weighs with the mandrel inside, probably hydraulics inside, and a quarter of a third of the main rolled up inside it as well. When that thing gets moving at some speed the forces it...
  8. Tylo

    Curious Double Fatality at Sea

    They all seem to have these park avenue booms that are as wide as my entire boat, so I don't think you can see the mandrel/the sail furling from the helm. I think you have to be at the mast, next to it, to ensure it furls properly.
  9. Tylo

    And now there's a Gunboat 68 for sale (GB6804)

    Man the 66's are cool boats. Is this a non-turbo'd 66? I don't see any boards poking up out of the hulls. Or maybe it is turbo'd since it had a new mast in 2017. This is ex Sugar Daddy right? Half a mil premium over Moondoggie...
  10. Tylo

    Rat attack! or Extreme Sail Patching

    Congrats on your purchase, I'd love to have a DF800. Is it a fixed or folding model? With regards to the sail damage I think the areas in the middle of sails can probably be repaired quite easily (i.e. not take too long/be too expensive) by a good sailmaker. Some of the damage is large enough...
  11. Tylo

    SV Seeker

    Nice one, reminds me of this awesome thing as well:
  12. Tylo

    Curious Double Fatality at Sea

    I'm not sure what kind of system this yacht uses, or if my experience is representative, but the furling booms I've worked with have required very strict management of boom angle and sheet tension when furling to ensure that the sail furls properly in the boom and doesn't start "walking"...
  13. Tylo

    Soft shackle stupid question

    I use soft shackles everywhere, including main and jib halyards and tacks - mainly because most of the shackles were mysteriously nowhere to be found when I took delivery of the boat and I had some Dyneema at hand. None of them have broken yet, knock on wood. Maybe I'm an idiot for doing this...
  14. Tylo

    J/80 jib halyard tension

    What if you rig a high-purchase cunningham for the jib? From my thinking (although I could be wrong), the purchase would: Keep it from needing to be winched (but maybe this is a non-issue on a J/80) Give a lot more precision in the adjustment Any length lost due to the jaws of the cleat turning...
  15. Tylo

    Atlantic 57

    Atlantic 70F "Saphira" by any chance?
  16. Tylo

    New main sail question

    No worries, I hope you find something that works for you! I also want to point out that while the product MauriPro offers isn't necessarily for me I appreciate what they do (especially putting downward pressure on sail prices) and I'd love to see one of their sails in action. I also really like...
  17. Tylo

    New main sail question

    Howdy! We had a thread about this at the start of the year where Juan Mauri cleared up some things. Here's a link to the thread in question: I can give you my 2 cents on the subject but ultimately I think...
  18. Tylo

    Hard vs soft gennaker/spinnaker sock / snuffer

    I have some experience with the North Sails snuffers, they use a hard, oval fiberglass (or carbon in bigger sizes) ring and work really well. The rings also have a rubberized edge to prevent it from scuffing the rig or decks or anything else it may contact. I also know that C-Tech in NZ makes a...