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    B&G Hydra Processor to / from Vulcan 9 via AT10 - NMEA 0183

    Hi al Can anyone assist with the following B&G nmea question Boat has B&G Hydra HPROD44 3003 cpu (see pics) and I'm trying to work out what manual I need to use to work out the nmea inputs. When I connect my laptop (RS485 adaptor) to the processors nmea pins 21 through to 27 as per...
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    VHF noise ONLY on CH 73 - Only with Instruments ON

    Hi All Long time since I've posted and looking for a bit of knowledge base help re Ch 73 noise. (Did a forum search no luck) About to do an offshore and regatta later this month and Ch73 is in the Si's - need to fix a Ch73 noise problem. New boat I'm on has lots of noise on CH 73 since a new...
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    Large NMEA 0183 Night Time Displays

    Looking for some larger displays to show larger text and higher contrasting data Some crew are having trouble seeing the tacktick micronet lcd displays at night which is causing issues. We run expedition and have NMEA 0183 data available - So looking for recommendations on 12v powered displays...
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    Waterproof Sunlight Viewable Android Phone

    Waterproof Android phone Sunlight viewable, rugged and can be used with gloves on with a wet screen Designed for the enterprise space but is about the price of top end consumer grade smartphone. Overview Water Pouring...
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    MOB Report - Tethers, Thigh Straps and Crew Delegation

    Report on an unfortunate incidence at sea in West Sussex UK channel race. Offshore race in 30+ knots and the events leading up to the incident. Hopefully by reading this we can all help reduce the chance of a repeat incidence. RECOMMENDATIONS Royal...
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    TackTick Replacement GPS Antenna

    TackTick T908 GPS antenna has died - lat long, COG and SOG is missing. I've been told it's just a standard NMEA 0813 feed and given the short life of the T908 in a covered position - 4 years I'm currently looking at the Garmin HVS 17x as a replacement...
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    Proposed amendment to YA Special Reg 3.25 Marine Radio

    Some interesting reading for discussion here re communications while racing yachts. Technology There is technology available today that can enhance and support safety at sea. Vessels need to be able to effectively communicate with race organising authorities, base stations, commercial...
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    Yachting S2H Chopper Pilot Dies

    Unfortunate loss of life of an ABC (AU) chopper pilot who has created superb video shots of the S2H race for the past 30 years. 1998 footage with Ticehurst piloting and talking.
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    Thru Hull Camera - or hold one underwater

    I've done some searched but can't seem to find much info or any reports on how successful or not anyone has been with inspecting the keel for weed while racing using a camera. We often loose boat speed due to weed in the leading edge of the keel - which has a bulb at the base that it really...
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    Floating LED Torch

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a good - waterproof - floating - high powered - LED torch? To replace a deceased Eveready Dolphin? Dolphin Torch It's also used for sail trimming at night - but primary reason is to be used as a man overboard - throw it over light that floats Typically we have...