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  1. terrafirma

    Defi Azimut Race & Speed Runs

    So we have the speed runs starting tomorrow and the 48 Hour 500 mile race on Thursday the 15th. It will be interesting to see how the new boats go against Charlie and Thomas on Apivia and Linked Out. I know it's only a short race for the Imoca's but surely a lot of the new boats will want to be...
  2. terrafirma

    Hammo Race Week

    Anyone got a link to the entrants.?
  3. terrafirma

    RIP Sam Richmond - Sailing Accident

    This is a terrible accident. Condolences to the Richmond family.  After being injured in training on March 8 before the 2022 Superyacht Challenge Antigua, Sam Richmond has passed away. Richmond was onboard the Farr-designed 102-foot Farfalla, built by Southern Wind and launched in 2014. But...
  4. terrafirma

    Dilbar Seized by the German European Union

    So the world's biggest boat/yacht Dilbar owned by Alisher Usmanov from Russia has been seized in Germany. It was at the Hamburg builders for repairs etc, so lot's of questions now. Will these asset seizures have any real impact on the Russian invasion of Ukraine? ...
  5. terrafirma

    52 Super Series 2021

    A Big SLAP to the 52 Super Series. I stayed online waiting to see some great boat racing but gotta say was disappointed to see a delay of around 2 and a bit hours with zero comms about what was happening on the Race Course. A lot of people asking why a premium racing event was so poorly managed...
  6. terrafirma

    From the Front Page "Sailing the seven seas of cheese" - Sailing La Vagabonde's New Rapido 60 TRI

    From the ED:   Call me bitter,  but without question, I find this and all videos like it to be worthless, (especially the idiot on Sailing Doodles. Just saying that makes me want to punch him). They are obnoxious “look at me” vanity plays, incredibly annoying, not nearly as funny or interesting...
  7. terrafirma

    Missing Sailor Presumed Dead of Eastern Victoria

    Very sad story anyone know the boat.?
  8. terrafirma

    America's Cup Betting Odds

    It had to start sooner or later. As more sites are publishing betting odds we can put them up. It's always fascinating because it provides some sort of quantifiable way to measure the teams even if it's only a betting book. Not sure if I agree with these odds but interesting to see the Italians...
  9. terrafirma

    Maine & Search Rescure Bustard Head An extensive air and water search for a 54-year-old man who fell from a sailing boat in waters off Bustard Head continues today. The police coordinated search involving water police, rescue helicopters...
  10. terrafirma

    52 Super Series Thread

    I can't find a thread on this which started yesterday in Cape Town? Quantum off to a bad start and I'm wondering if they are missing Hutch big time? With 9-10 teams perhaps this could be the format for an affordable Americas Cup? Races 3 and 4 start in a couple of hours...
  11. terrafirma

    Hammo Race Week

    In the final race today Race 6 Hooligan beat Chinese Whisper and No Limit over the line. She also takes IRC honours. Wild Oats X takes second on IRC. The Hooligan boys sure know how to sail a TP52 albeit an inshore version. They were beating Ichi Ban over the line last year in nearly all races ...
  12. terrafirma

    2019 Rolex Fastnet Race

    A list of the bigger boats entered. There will be some races within races going on. Rambler vs Scallywag (Has Scally any chance?) Mini Maxi's and Jethou which has been turbo charged to 77'. The older Volvo and the newer boats and The Imoca's. The Cookson 50's like Privateer will be hard to beat...
  13. terrafirma

    Catamaran Capsize Kills 3 off Newcastle Always very sad to hear about these accidents. Still waiting on more information
  14. terrafirma

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    From Anarchist David: Can't see a thread on the pending BJ mods? If this is the case certainly interesting times for the 100 fleet. Well, consider the photo above, taken of the veteran 100-footer Black Jack before the start of the last Sydney-Hobart race. If word on the waterfront is right...
  15. terrafirma

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    The Italians have been competing in the AC for a while now. They have also collaborated with New Zealand at times with their challenges. Can they ever win the cup? I don't see who they are working with from a design point of view, their team website has little information. Of the challengers...
  16. terrafirma

    Barcolana Race Trieste

    Looks like the old Morning Glory 86' (Porto Piccolo) won the race on line honours ahead of the 100' CQS . Giving away 14' feet and designed in 2004 pretty much sums up relative performance for CQS. And to Brian Hancock's article on the Barcolana Race front page Trieste is spelt with an e on the...
  17. terrafirma

    Macif Tri Makeover with Jimmy on board

    Couldn't find a thread on Macif so excuse me if this has been up before. Looks like all the mods to the boat have been worth while
  18. terrafirma

    Carrabean 600

    We have Rambler88, CQS and the RP90 ex Rambler challenging for Line Honors. Rambler8& will be too fast for both but can CQS beat the old RP90? Some other good boats racing in the middle groups. 
  19. terrafirma

    Bird Island race

    No surprises so far. Black jack sailed it's own race. Ichi Ban leads the smaller pack en route home. Concubine doing very well ahead of Indian with Patrice a long way back. Celestial not too far behind IB. 
  20. terrafirma

    Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    This years Fastnet Race will prove to be interesting especially if conditions allow. We have Rambler, CQS, Volvo 65's, Hugo Boss Foils etc, A lot of people including the Volvo organisers want to know how Hugo Boss for example shapes up to a Volvo 65 and even CQS with her DSS. It's the first time...