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  1. BobBill

    Front Page: The pusher

    Scows rule, naturally.
  2. BobBill

    Front Page -- To Webb

    I do same things in MN...but do when I am working... Those of us who thing of where we are and where we are going and think of others are rare... I do not know you but, we do wish good to others, am guessing.
  3. BobBill

    Front Page Pic of "Spruce Goose."

    Not a wind-driven craft,as are some foilers. But is it a Scow?
  4. BobBill

    Sailing Simplicity

    A phrase in a Front Page comment, got me thinking....the need for advertising revenue notwithstanding...we hear lots about decline in sailors...but who wants the grief, common dodger that I am, who can afford to moor a tri, or even a cat, a rig with a wing, or foiled flyer? I under stand the...
  5. BobBill

    Class Warfare...

    Be interested in AC contest, where in the vessels were conventionals, as in Etchells, Solings, 6 Meters etd. Surely, this take has been aired in past, and seems very sensible, to me.  As tis, just a good example, of hole in water to pour money sure advantanges will eventurally prove...
  6. BobBill

    Front Page: "My Cup Runneth Over" +1

    +1 Missed the race...for the oldest prize...first time I have not batted an eye to get there in some way.L Bring on the older creaking lead bottomed beaties; screw the suits. I do not revere bullroar... Not to diminish Kiwi win... Let's all get back to sailing, not "the Benjamin hustle..."
  7. BobBill

    Front Page - Wing and a prayer....

    Is not sailing...Wing and a prayer and a helmet....needs another name, IMO
  8. BobBill

    What might be your fave (Sailing Anarchy) photo?

    I have one; says it all...
  9. BobBill

    Front Page : "do it now!"

    Learning comes slowly, cause we see/hear stuff and have an initial tendency to say it is so...but marvelous and not so marvelous goodies aside, sometimes we miss the waves for the seas, maybe...I like to think coming "e" will slow power rigs and increase sail rigs, cotton may comeback as soft...
  10. BobBill

    "make it go away" - Front Page

    Well, we do have our devils! I sort of backed into this by building my plastic version of Seaman's classic wood toy, the Malibu Outrigger. I used 2 cracked Hobie hulls and base-cracked carbon spars; retrevied from the landfill sort of, as destination. But, then I learned the resins (epoxy) I...
  11. BobBill

    Front Page - Angry Red Planet -

    We never seem to learn...scows are back, big...makdes more sense than current AC me, 
  12. BobBill

    Front Page

    Dig these shuntingers (proas)...that is a good sized rig...someone has to make me comforable with close-quarter-shunting...I have tied and still preferr tacking...but just MHO. Tacking make sense in harbors and approaching moorings.."tacking proa," if you will.. Gots a video? 
  13. BobBill

    Will it Fly? - Front Page

    Now there is a practical rig every loaded sailor dodger will run out to buy and ...
  14. BobBill

    Yesterday, Today....Front Page

    Helmet-less and pleasing practicality is strategic or long-lived. Scientific impractically is short-lived ugly and tactical, however valuable. But, the great culling notwithstanding, the former is pleasant in any form?  Mask-up Killer! 
  15. BobBill

    The Big Hit...

    FWIW, Wings are wondrous, but, very impractical as can be.. Foils are wondrous to oo, but practical? Maybe a cotton wing will do Maybe foils smooth seas and speeds the ride For what and why? But if sailing is relaxing Gimme the old sloop rig, without head gear  Such crappola we gits to...
  16. BobBill

    Front Page...Pony up. sucker...

    Amazing it is... Well, 100% of nothing is... Truly amazing...
  17. BobBill

    Front Page..."Fuck this Prick"

    +1...reminds me of the saw, "Keep doing the same old and keep insanely expect things to get better.'..duh!  Gonna be 70-30, Dinger In Chief (DIC) does not abscond first...the world expert has beaten back C-19, don't ya know...amazing...but we get what we deserve. Trump does openly what others...
  18. BobBill

    Front Page...What a Time to Be Alive

    A ?. As scat or puerile as is may seem, whenever I view a pic of the clippers in port, with heads over or near dock, I wonder, "where did they go," meaning with the head so present, where did the crew go potty? 
  19. BobBill

    Front Page...Doggy Dog

    Arfin Darfin....must love dogs!
  20. BobBill

    Front Page: "The push"

    Beautiful foiler. Albeit, spendy too. Low aspect rig just does it, and makes foiling what it it floats above the fray.