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    Those who do know shit about tools

    Not to drift, but it looks as though this woodworker has some pretty good tools.
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    Hearing FM even with no tuner...

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    Happey October

    One of Northport's brief semi-dubious claims to fame.
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    Happey October

    Written by Sandy Denny, but Judy Collins recorded it before Fairport Convention. It was a big hit for her.
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    Random PicThread

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    Sunset pictures

    Huntington Harbor NY, Sept 16th.
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    Holding Tanks

    I use a vented bladder as well. I believe the bladder tends to permeate and slowly release odors overtime. I put a brand new one in a couple of seasons ago, with expensive hoses (Raritan Saniflex.) Bladder is a 25 gallon Venus Nauta. After the first season we began getting odors. The bladder is...
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    Caring for Seniors

    My mom's 98, living at home with full-time live-in aides. She has broken each of her hips over the past six years. As mentioned in the thread, each stint in rehab resulted in a step function decline of cognition. Her short-term memory is pretty much gone. I bring old photos over to show her-...
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    Torture music

    I was going to go with the Archies’ “Sugar Sugar,” but this is better.
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    2 stroke vs 4

    I still have several cases of Castrol two-stroke oil left over from my Saab. My wife wants to know why the hell we still have them. I have no good answer.
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    Those who do know shit about tools

    I’m not sure there is anything inherently metric about any quantity apart from perhaps fingers and toes. It’s handy because most cultures use a base 10 number system. I realize that time is different, BTW, because its measurement is based on cyclical phenomena, like the solar and lunar cycles...
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    Those who do know shit about tools

    It always seemed illogical to me that the only metric unit of time was the second and its multiples. I think minutes, hours, days etc. are common to all countries, but are decidedly non-metric.
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    Jibing an Asymmetric Spinnaker on a Pole?

    Yep, left them all connected. Lotta strings up front. The owner sold the boat a few years ago, and wouldn’t recommend going with the same setup in the future.
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    Random PicThread

    I'm still using mine.
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    Jibing an Asymmetric Spinnaker on a Pole?

    I raced for several seasons on a boat rigged with an assym on a pole. We did windward-leewards and round the cans races. The pole was rigged with two guys and a topping lift, all terminating at the outboard end. All of our gybes were outside. I occasionally did foredeck, and it got pretty...
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    Here’s a five syllable word- delicatessen. Do I win something?
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    Mocking noobs on r/Sailing

    I confess to browsing R/sailing daily. Interesting combination of complete novices and experienced sailors. Kind of like R/woodworking- and Reddit in general.
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    QE DTS

    Source? "The Queen's official gift from the 44th president and his wife, Michelle, features footage of her 2007 visit to the US, as well as numerous Broadway songs, and comes with a songbook for the King and I signed by composer Richard Rodgers. No word yet as to whether the playlist contained...
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    Random PicThread

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    Random PicThread