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  1. LB 15

    That carbon stuff sure burns well...

    Some pics of the TP52 Pirate that caught fire at the dock in Adelaide yesterday
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    Don't let your Meat Loaf.

    Covid takes another good one. RIP big guy. American singer and actor Meat Loaf, Marvin Lee Aday, dies aged 74 Iconic singer and actor Meat Loaf reportedly died after being diagnosed with Covid as his condition quickly become critical...
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    Hobart 2022

    Queensland is going to have its first Hobart winner. Go Maratimo! Itchy bum is currently 23rd. Bwahahahahahahahahaha 
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    Sydney to Hobart 2021

    We may as leave the other thread for jack sparrow to flog his stable of deceased horses. Sooooo who’s in for next year.
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    Hunter Biden's laptop found on Pedo Island

    Gotcha! :)   This is fun.
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    Those randy citizens of Belgium...

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    Brisbane to Gladstone 2020

    Well with only a month to the gun it is time to get the annual shit show under way. So who is going? Or will the race be cancelled because of the Peroni Virus? Imagine if we all get there and are then Quarantined in ‘the Jewel of the central coast’ for 30 days. Fark...
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    Ask Bruce anything.

    Here at SA we are blessed with the presence of Bruce the great. Bruce is a researcher, scientist, climate change expert, chemist, expert on misinformation, author, publisher, engineer, and master of Google - just to name a few of his talents. In short Bruce knows everything there is to know...
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    What gun should I have on my boat?

    This place needs a little more cross- board interaction. We all tend to hide in our own area of the forums.  The Sailing board guys endlessly discussing saving sailing and rules, The cruising anarchy gang hanging out with Bob Perry and ragging on Rimus and the AC anarchy guys making new sock...
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    United States visa applicants now required to hand over social media usernames The State Department is now requiring nearly all applicants for US visas to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers. This could have serious issues for us SA posters. Do we...
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    Phil the Greek

    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, involved in car crash near Sandringham Estate He is 97 for farks sake...
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    Yet Moore climate change news

    Interesting piece by the founder of Greenpeace. Not trolling (on this particular occasion) but an interesting turn of events. 'Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore tells US Senate there is "no proof" humans cause climate change"...
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    Randum has left the building.

    After many years of conspiracy theorys, climate change hysteria and childish memes,  my old sparing partner Randumb has claimed he has quit the forum. After he got his panties in a real twist over in the Wild Oats XI thread, he has spat the dummy, thrown teddy out of the crib, taken his bat and...
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    Better than the french toast girl?

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    Fuck I love this place.

    When I looked this morning at the PA board I noticed that nearly every thread on the 1st page was started by the one of the usual suspects - So I did an in depth study and have published the results in a graph so Randumb can understand it. Nailing Malarkey is the neediest attention whore so far...
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    Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers day to all the Aussie dads and a belated one to those who celebrate it on a different day. It is a different one for me as it is the first without my Dad who past away two weeks ago today. You go through different stages during the grieving process and then the reality that you...
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    Is Nailing Jack 'Q'?

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    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    Here we go again. The NOR for the 12th edition of the Pineapple race is out...
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    The recycling house of cards collapses.

    It ain't easy being green.  Recycling from more than 200,000 residents in Ipswich will go to landfill
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    Russian interference doesn't come cheap...

    Donald Trump loses $500m, crashes in Forbes billionaires list.