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  1. brucephenry

    You’re doing it wrong.

    If you’re trimming your stocks like they’re trimming their sails...
  2. brucephenry

    Nacra 5.2 Trampoline for sale (new in box)

    Cleaning out the garage I found a new (in box) black trampoline and lacing kit for a nacra 5.2. Paid ~$500 Tenara thread Velcro pocket Bar cover Make me an offer I can’t refuse. It’d be a shame to send it...
  3. brucephenry

    Cutting slot for tiller lock?

    I am tired of not being able to lock off my tiller the way one can lock off wheel steering. So, what I'm thinking is to cut a ~2" long slot in the fiberglass housing for the rudder post and then put a bracket around that with a knob and screw to tighten down around the rudder post. That way I...
  4. brucephenry

    Mahogany Runabout Caulking

    Okay, not a sailboat. But y’all are my people and I need some advice.  I’m about to prepare the seams on this for caulking. I’m planning on using Teak Decking Systems SIS440 in white.    I’ve heard that you should lay down tape in the seams under the caulk. Why? This seems to be an...
  5. brucephenry

    Refinish or replace washboards?

    Y’all gave such good advice on my rudder repair that I figured I’d ask about a totally different project.  The PO didn’t really care for the bright work. The wood seems sound, but I cannot picture how to sand this without disassembling it.  Suggestions?
  6. brucephenry

    Rudder Repair - Cascade 29

    Okay, got the rudder out (hat tip to @longy for advice on removing the head) and on the bench to ponder my options. I have a few questions. First off, the rudder was submerged in freshwater for about a week after the “event”. When removed, I can best describe it as being “buoyant as hell”, the...
  7. brucephenry

    Removing rudder head and tiller

    Okay, so last weekend the kid wondered what would happen when you’re backing up and you rotate the tiller through 360 degrees. Turns out the answer is “the rudder goes into the prop”. Awesome. Well now he knows that.    So, in preparation for the dropping of the rudder, I need to remove the...
  8. brucephenry

    Slab Reefing Line Boom Attachment

    So I got to messing around with my boat (like ya do) and have finally decided to replace the old reefing lines that were just slapped up from a roll of the cheapest double-braid that the PO could find at West Marine. Anyway, the question is this... How should I attach the lines to the boom...
  9. brucephenry

    How do these Sacrificial Anodes look to you?

    So, weird thumping noise when I ran the prop was easily diagnosed by sticking my head in the water. One of the zincs had come loose and worked its way up until it was just tapping the hull when it turned. So, I took it off and now that it is out of the water I'm trying to decide how I feel about...
  10. brucephenry

    Remove caulk from between mahogany strips

    My second boat (or third depending on whether or not it’s my wife counting) Is a mahogany runabout. I’m restoring the deck and have used a heat gun to strip the varnish. But now I’m needing to get the caulking out from between the strips. So... yeah. Suggestions?
  11. brucephenry

    Yanmar 2GM20F - Transmission ratio?

    Where the heck do I look on the transmission to find the ratio? I see in the manual that there are 3 possibilities: 2.21:1 2.62:1 3.22:1 Since I've gotta contort myself into some kinda Gumby inspired yoga position to get my head (or a cellphone camera) back there, I thought I'd ask...
  12. brucephenry

    Sealing Glass on Bronze Portholes

    I am replacing the laminated safety glass in my portholes and replacing the old, leaky rubber seals. Where the glass is held in the frame (sandwiched between two flat bronze flanges) I have several options for what to do... Cut silicone gaskets for each side of the glass Seal both...
  13. brucephenry

    Line selection for Roller Furler

    I'm in need of advice on line selection for my roller furler. I cannot decide if stretch in the furling line matters. I have some (really cheap) dyneema cored 1/4" remnant that I could use, or for about the same price per foot I could grab some generic polyester double braid. Does "springiness"...
  14. brucephenry

    Changing Mast Rake

    I am the new owner of a Cascade 29' (1979 hull, splashed in 1985). The standing rigging appears to be original and have some "challenges". The mast has no detectable rake (I hung a weight from the mainsail halyard sheave and measured aft along the boom). As the boat is new to me, I don't have...
  15. brucephenry

    Norseman Compression Fitting Wire Compatibility

    I have a 6mm Norseman turnbuckle stud on my forestay. I'm replacing the standing rigging and I would like to re-use the fitting if possible. I have spare Tylaska cones for the Norseman. Is a 6mm Norseman compatible with 1/4" 316 wire?