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  1. floater

    wave breaking in the ocean is a three-dimensional process

    a. from the fp. looks like a significant (to me) advance in the study of so called 'freak' waves. As I understand it, it's been long a mystery that observed 'freak' waves appear both more common and larger than theory would predict. Perhaps discovery of this so called 'third dimension' is the...
  2. floater

    some alternative news from the fp

    some great points in here. a couple of my favorites: - eliminate stored power. yeah, what's with the bicycle powered boats anyway? - require teams to sail in 'home waters'. duh. yeah, but where’s the cup really going...
  3. floater

    a 32.1 foot Austrian mystery

    I'm having a bit of cognitive dissonance here - trying to figure out how Sunbeam have (reportedly) sold 30 of these 200k+ boats. Maybe its a lake thing.. it honestly sounds like Toby's skin is crawling the entire time he is reviewing this thing: It looks like it sails well, and has a nice...
  4. floater

    Will RNZYS lose the cup?

    Some folks are upset. For example, one Aucklander (team NZ thread) spoke of now viewing GD as a different person: more grasping, more self-serving. Not yet on the scale of a Butterworth or Coutts - but getting there. Why the upset? Because ETNZ appears to be abandoning home waters - and with the...
  5. floater

    are spinnaker snatch blocks still a thing?

    I just flew my "asymmetric" spinnaker (probably a museum piece) for the first time yesterday but discovered that leading the sheets through the genoa tracks isn't the best. My first thought is that a pair of snatch blocks, fastened aft with sheets led up to the primaries, might work better. ...
  6. floater

    the JK

    can't help but chuckle (or inwardly wince?) every time I hear the JK invoked for a bottom mark rounding. I've got a feeling there are a few AC spotters around here who know what this refers to - and its not Juan Kouyoumdjian - but yeah. AC 34, race 5, first bottom mark rounding. Go to 7:15 or so...
  7. floater

    wheel vs. tiller?

    for the wheel proponents - I was thinking there might be some tonnage rule where that might make sense. but then.. (go to 11:50)
  8. floater

    tuning a single spreader, fractional rig.

    admittedly not the best picture - but between the deck and the forestay attachment this rig appears ever so slightly inverted. This can be cured by adjusting the backstay (it is rigged with a decent block and tackle) - but still. If you let go the backstay, it doesn't seem right that the rig...
  9. floater

    Shed a tear for GGYC

  10. floater

    the word - ranking

    Been away from the AC for awhile now - but curious how the teams are stacking up. You guys are experts, how are the teams shaping up?
  11. floater


    Is it just me - or does this thing look like a multihull?
  12. floater

    Poll: Slay the Dragon

    Dragonslayer lives - where will he strike next?
  13. floater

    Oracle 45 footer foiling to windward

    This is copied from AC forum. John Navas is posting some professional quality imagery. Not to be missed:
  14. floater

    Fun and Games

    Time for some refreshment folks. Tell us what you really think!
  15. floater

    Rule expert needed - aisle A

    One of the top tier A Class developer/builders just went public with a - potentially - game changing reading of a class rule. I'm no expert, but as I understand it rule 8.2 attempts to limit dagger foil geometry by prohibiting "insert from below". Ostensibly this was done to outlaw moth style...
  16. floater

    Wing sailed Contour 50 - $25

    Military project?
  17. floater

    3 Little Billionaires - All in a Row

    Winning the Cup five times in a row is one kind of miracle - but getting three billionaires to go along with a single plan may be a greater achievement. Before the recent competitor meeting - all the challengers were clearly annoyed and concerned about a venue in Bermuda and/or San Diego...
  18. floater

    Brand new multi 23 - but the beams are cut

    It's to good to be true - a brand new boat - just 12k! Never been in the water. Cross beams have been cut Uh - anyone know how to uncut the beams?
  19. floater


    Top four challengers - who they gonna be?
  20. floater

    Dollars and Sport

    How to explain the protocol?