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  1. carcrash

    Nuke the hydro fouling winged cats

    All this talk of not doing the AC defense in NZ. So idiotic. It’s just stupidly expensive, for no advantage whatsoever to the sport of sailing, spectators, or sponsors. Clearly true, or there would be zero problems. Good things to do: 1) An AC only class 2) The world’s best sailors 3) Close...
  2. carcrash

    Modified IMX 38 rudder on Olson 40

    Steve Brown of Finco Fabrication made the IMX 38 rudder for my Olson 40. While it was a very nice rudder, with tons of lift and seemingly low drag, it made for a heavy helm. Soon, we are adding an autopilot, so reducing the helm forces is important to avoid high electrical draw by the future...
  3. carcrash

    Sugar Scoop added to Olson 40

    There were two big reasons to add the sugar scoop. First, and by far the most important: Safety. While I could trivially reach up, grab a stanchion, and pull myself aboard one handed when I was a kid, my wife and I are no longer able to do that. We needed a way to self rescue. A swim step with...
  4. carcrash

    Double Anchor Roller that avoids Sprit Bobstay

    My Olson 40 Euphoria will have a bowsprit usually rigged when the boat is outside of a marina, including when the boat is anchored. The bowsprit requires a bobstay and whisker stays to resist vertical and horizontal loads from the pull of the tack of any roller furled screecher or asymmetric...
  5. carcrash

    Solar to Shore Power inlet

    I am about to buy some solar panels for my all-electric Olson 40. This has been somewhat of a science experiment, and it has taken awhile until charging the LiFePO4 batteries using shore power has worked as expected. Rather than have yet another charging system, and working out the kinks in...
  6. carcrash

    FP "Now What" Flipped trimaran

    I have been on that boat! It was built in England, sailed to Long Beach CA via Panama, probably around 2000. From the forward end of the bridge deck, which was the bridge, I could look up into the mast structure that is clearly shown. It either had a free standing wing mast that rotated 360...
  7. carcrash

    Sailing Clothing: Is Lighter and Faster the actual goal?

    While I really like the new, lighter, more flexible sailing gear, especially compared to the classic heavy, stuff foul weather gear, I do NOT think that light is the actual goal. It is an essential goal, but not the key goal. I think all sailing clothing should float, should be buoyant. If it...
  8. carcrash

    Spinlock XTX soft grip clutch experience?

    I know this is a new product. Does anyone have experience with them yet? Which halyard lines work well with them? How much do they slip initially? Is a cunningham always needed for all low stretch halyards and sails?
  9. carcrash

    Nav & Performance Data w/o Through Hull Transducers

    The AC boats clearly had no in-water transducers. Moths, same. Olympic boats, same. So clearly, one need not have thru-hull transducers to compete at the very highest levels. So who has developed / seen / used a high performance sailing instrumentation system with no thru-hull transducers?