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  1. Dorado

    2022 Fishing Thread

    I'll start.  Red Groupers  Punta de Mita, Mexico 
  2. Dorado

    Fucking FedEx-USPS Fuckwittery

    Fucking FedEx illegally delivered a package into my mailbox. Fucking USPS has confiscated it and is now demanding Ransom money from me to get it. Somebody needs a Royal Ass Whuppin . . .
  3. Dorado

    The cows are out . . .

    Who, who  who let the cows out. Looks like I have to get my spurs on and Saddle Up  :mellow:
  4. Dorado


    After a disgustingly long hot dry smoky summer we finally got some rain. A drought busting,  fire killing snowpackin' rain. That's like money falling out of the sky. I felt like running out and dancing naked in it, but I didn't because it was too cold.  Bloody Hallelujah !  :)
  5. Dorado

    Paddy Moloney DTS

    Paddy Moloney, Headman of the Chieftains The man who put Irish music on the map Loved that stuff RIP 
  6. Dorado

    Ferryboat Italia

  7. Dorado

    Don't Move . . .

    There's a great big spider on your shoulder.
  8. Dorado

    Flying car

  9. Dorado

    A couple days at Lake Garda

    I'll be goofing off in the Limone region for a few days in about 3 weeks.  Where do they keep all the cool boats ?
  10. Dorado

    Glomar Explorer documentary

    Anybody who ever spent time in the SF Bay, drove over the Benicia Bridge, or sailed the Delta ditch run back in the day remembers this giant ship anchored in the mothball Fleet. A lot of rumors and mystery about this ship back then. Azorean: the raising of k-129 is a documentary on Amazon Prime...
  11. Dorado

    Meralgia Paresthetica WTF !

    Well fuck me . . . Here's a new type of living hell to deal with. Anybody dealt with this before?
  12. Dorado

    Vaccine passport

    I'm all for it. I'm as anti Big Brother as anybody but I don't see this as a civil liberties issue. I see this strictly as a health issue. It won't be too much longer when everyone who wants the vaccine can get it. I suppose it's an individual's right in the USA to refuse vaccinations but I...
  13. Dorado

    Iconic TDF Mountain Stage Road Trip

    Assuming the plague subsides, the wife wants to take a road trip in France next September. To make it interesting, I'd like to drive up some of the Mountain Stage routes. Have any of you ever been up on them. Which did you like the best? Edit. Alps, not Pyrenees
  14. Dorado

    Free Pigeon Joe Now !

    Evil Empire of Oz threatens to kill Americans .
  15. Dorado

    There's a bull in my front yard, eating my grass

    Stupid bull . . .
  16. Dorado

    Dave, the knife guy

    This vid was shot at The Knife Merchant in San Diego. I went there to kill some time before a tuna fishing trip and Dave spent an hour with me, showing me all the cool stuff and giving me quite the education. Guy really knows his stuff. Good website too. I left there a lot smarter and $350...
  17. Dorado

    First thing you're going to do?

    When the Viron Curtain is lifted. I'm going tuna fishing. 
  18. Dorado

    Banksy working at home

  19. Dorado

    Wrecks you survived when you were young and stupid

    I'll go first 69 VW bus, rolled 1 1/4 times,  crashed through a hedge and landed in somebody's front yard.  I was 15. No license. No seatbelts. Older women (18) and tequila. Guilty as sin.
  20. Dorado

    Biden, his time ?

    I could live with that.