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    Golden Oldies The Pioneers

    Awesome video trip down memory lane, thanks for posting! That Dick Newick guy seemed to be kind of active in design, no?
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    NY to SFO the hard way

    Along with the Triple Jack rebuild thread, this has been a really fun one to follow. Thanks to everyone for posting updates and FB commentary. Glad to see Ryan is almost home. What an amazing job he's done.
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    OE72 Catamaran - Launched Below The Radar

    Nice looking boat. Would love to know the headroom, actually looks higher in the cabins than the salon but that could just be how the vid was shot.
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    Gunboat 72V

    So smaller doesn't have to equate to the same level of tech. Think iPhone Pro and iPhone SE. GLY could introduce that kind of tiering, and pricing. Maybe it dilutes the brand, but as with Apple, I don't think so. I think it lets them sell more boats.
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    Gunboat 72V

    They should go small. The 48's are like unicorns, super rare and highly desirable. GLY seems to be in a mindset of go big or go home; we'll see how that plays out for them. Going small would open up new customers to them that aren't so uber-wealthy. I hope they're successful whatever direction...
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    Gunboat 72V

    Not really surprised, it's just good business; these boats sell better than high-performance ones. If you're going to go there, this one is a nice looking option.
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    This has been an awesome story to follow, so thanks for posting all the work details! Seems like you guys have maybe rounded 3rd and are heading for home. Any idea, at this point, when you think you'll be back in the water?
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    newbie electrical build questions

    If you're done IP networking, think of czone as a switched network.
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    Handling a 65' cat compared to a 50' cat

    Totally on-board with cameras. Super useful and not exactly a high-maintenance system.
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    It's really fun being able to follow along like this. Love the batteries and dumbells!
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    Gunboat 80

    Beautiful boat! How much have the interior dimensions (head room, hull width, etc) expanded vs the 68?
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    Blackcat 30 Multihull supercat by McConaghy

    A bird blackcat in the hand water is worth two in the bush CG video.
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    So 4 minutes separated Power Play and Argo in the end? That's a great battle!
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    2020 Caribbean Multihull Challenge

    So no bespoke carbon booms via Amazon Prime 1-day delivery in the Caribbean? :p
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    2020 Caribbean Multihull Challenge

    Bummer about Shockwave losing their boom...
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    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Nevermind, I just read your comment in the Gunboay 68 thread that you went with the servo-prop. Hopefully you'll post back some real-world experience with it, it's very interesting technology.
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    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Did you go with standard sail drive blade props or their variable-pitch servoprop?
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    Fun Race in the Bay

    ...but not the drinks!
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    All electric boat setup / Moonwave

    If you have questions about the current Moonwave setup and it's performance, use the contact link on their website. I was curious if they thought an all-electric installation was viable on a platform like the Gunboat given their experience. Sebastien was kind enough to email back the next day...