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  1. Norse Horse

    Lest We Forget

    I had the honour this year of joining the ceremonies in the parade guard and watched the laying of the wreathes. May I thank you all for your sacrifices in the services.
  2. Norse Horse

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    What have you seen cruising or visited, served on or help build? Many admirable reasons to like a ship. The ballet put on by the DND ship from Esquimalt was impressive, it spins pretty fast for a ship that size, in basically one boat length...
  3. Norse Horse

    Trash Your Marina

    Fire at will...these new devices look to be something from Dyson, but they are not. That very top layer of water is important they say. Now here in the PNW on Vancouver Island. Got them in your marina...
  4. Norse Horse

    SAR Run Aground Bad Accident

    Very sad to read about this accident. They have a cold and difficult job and volunteer.
  5. Norse Horse


    This unidentified pic caught my eye, not having seen a sailboat with this hull shape before. Runabouts, sure but...not even sure is NA call this extreme tumblehome or not. :unsure: Any idea of the designer? Page 10 Wooden boat.
  6. Norse Horse

    R2AK 2019

    Time for a new thread. The big news being that this is the last year of the original race, made public at the Ruckus. Time to do the race before unnamed changes occur. The RC and the volunteers have done an outstanding job for 4 years, what would prompt a change? New course? RC retiring? No...
  7. Norse Horse

    Wot is Zit? Doesn't look like any Cat I know, google not helping locate the design. Note the round port on the front of the cabin top. Wot is up? Not listed as a Finch design. Sailnet link goes nowhere, some infighting. More...
  8. Norse Horse

    Super Typhoon Yutu Strongest Storm 2018

    "The storm is savagely battering the islands of Tinian, Saipan and Rota, with the eye completely engulfing Tinian at midday Wednesday. Super Typhoon Yutu is estimated to contain maximum sustained winds of at least 180 miles per hour, with higher gusts. Why it matters: This storm is the...
  9. Norse Horse

    Schock Catalina Catamaran History?

    Hi I saw this listing and I was curious about the history of it. The builder also built a Polynesian design. Was  it too heavy or overcanvassed to compete with Hobies or was it just an early design not intended for mass production? A search on this forum turned up nothing. Thanks for your...
  10. Norse Horse

    Boater Related Forest Fire

    Credit to the mariners who responded first to another boaters illegal campfire near Desolation Sound. They say 400 human caused forest fires up here this season, the second worst fire season on record. It is a black mark on boaters in this popular area when these headlines appear to non boaters...
  11. Norse Horse

    Sea Monsters

    I watched a River Monsters episode [S8 E4] about the blue holes of Andros, a series of interconnected water beneath the island near the Bahamas. It got me reading about squid and kracken attacks on humans and boats. We have giant squid in the PNW as well and the episode interviews a diver from...
  12. Norse Horse

    PNW MOB Survives 5 Hours Exposure

    Incredible she could cling to life for that long in the cold water. My respect and admiration to the lady. A crew threw a single life ring off the ferry at the MOB warning and the lady swam and got it before the cold took her strength. Hard to believe the life ring did not have a strobe, PLB or...
  13. Norse Horse

    FaceBook and the Leaderboard on Sailing Anarchy

    The FeceBook inflicted Anarchy is here, for better or worse, so ya better like the new socialism. Congrats to Gouv, a worthy leader. Mr Clean is on the deviant end of the Leaderboard. :(  Manarchists, origamists, Manpussies, drifters...
  14. Norse Horse

    Squamish Open Annual Regatta

    Winds are going to be excellent this July 28-29-30 weekend coming up and you are cordially invited to SYC and race what you brung. SOAR 2017 – There is lots of room for everyone, I will be helping dock everyone and making sure beer is dispensed. The friday race is an inflow race from just north...
  15. Norse Horse

    Wot is this Ocean Cat ?

    We saw her pull in to Telegraph Cove, BC. She was gone quickly but my crew found out the boat was now moored in Vanc. and that there is another in Port McNeil?? The boat was in NZ and was sailed back here. It reminded me of the G32 cabin. A google search by photos offered no clue. Thanks for...
  16. Norse Horse

    The sasquatch of Hurst Island

    Has anyone seen the Bigfoot on this island north of Port Hardy, near God's Pocket ? I read about it in an old cruising guide called cruising beyond Desolation Sound, by John Chappell. Page 76. Seems the natives don't visit the east side of the island because of the hairy beast. Have you...
  17. Norse Horse

    West Epoxy Graphite Hull Finish Hints Requested

    After almost 40 hours of long boarding I wanted to finish the hull off so I coated it in straight epoxy. Might as well, as most of it is there in fairing. I got the idea from another post here [you know who you are <_< ] and the rubber squeegee idea from another thread. [you know who you...
  18. Norse Horse

    Douse tube Chute max size

    I am interested in a deck setup for singlehanding, so I can have a cloth launch tube. I was a teen last time I used one. How large a chute can you douse this way? I see the Seascape had a setup, but I don't recall how big his sail was or if he had a dousing string setup. Is it worth it, or...
  19. Norse Horse

    Farkin Expedia Ad Locks Firefox

    Just no explanation, a stop script window pops up, when I go to GA. It must be a warning. :o While I'm here, why is it all over the map when it comes to cut and pasting an image from my puter, the net or contemplating robbing from irate offshore Scottish nettrappers?? I have tried using...
  20. Norse Horse

    Bird Feeder Anarchy

    The bears are long hibernated and the feeder has been busy for a few weeks now. There is an Anarchist group that regularly show up and run roughshod over the contents of the feeder. We have tried to protect its contents by using a vertical, small bird feeder with short perches. It has a plastic...