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    Drilling Rubber

    I remember a tabloid story about a Ted Kennedy tryst in an open boat at sea. It provoked some snide comments about offshore drilling.
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    Drilling Rubber

    How about glueing bits of rubber hose into the clamp? Some rubber hose is quite soft. McMaster lists the durometer of its offerings.
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    Adding thickness to a thin laminate edge

    Grind the interior back to bare glass and apply: a strip of G10 laminate Or a piece of pultruded glass sail batten...
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    Small diesel manufacturers

    Riley- The boat is fat and heavy, with lots of wetted surface. It’s a tired 1GM that we want to replace. Who are other Kubota marinizers? Anybody know about Koehler/Lombardini?
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    Small diesel manufacturers

    A chum is going to repower a 25’ sailboat. Which makers of 12-15 HP diesels should we look at? We’re in Massachusetts.
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    Old racer back to water

    That’s a good use for that Ferro book.
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    Paint over varnish? Refurbishing an old racer/cruiser interior.

    + 1 for ordinary alkyd (oil) paint over varnish. Give the varnish a solvent wipe and sand briskly. Agree that high gloss paint is hard to get looking good. Use semi-gloss or satin paint. Consider leaving some bits varnished to define the space.
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    Black walnut toe rails?

    The varnished mahogany toerail on one of our boats was 38 years old and still doing fine when I sold the boat.
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    Eyebrow anarchy (AKA drip edge)

    What’s S1 primer?
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    Eyebrow anarchy (AKA drip edge)

    #4. Next time I strip a section, I’ll try a shoulder plane. It might need a little tape on the side to protect the paint. I’ve been thinking of then cladding the top face of the trim with a strip of thin, hard, brown-ish material that would be more impervious than varnish. McMaster sells...
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    What kind of wire are my shrouds and stays?

    Are you contemplating re-using 33 year old wire?
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    Sharpest hull colour scheme

    On second thought…
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    Sharpest hull colour scheme

    It’s nitpicking, but the swoopy hull pattern clashes with the angular pattern of the sail panels. I’m trying to visualize a similar angular pattern of hull paint.
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    Black walnut toe rails?

    Repairing dings in epoxy undercoat is difficult.
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    Black walnut toe rails?

    If you have no shame, there are extruded PVC sections that are used on work boats.
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    Black walnut toe rails?

    Also consider black locust, AKA New Hampshire teak.
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    "Marine Grade"

    McMaster-Carr has all kinds of fasteners, plastics, hoses, composites. Online Metals has the obvious. The local Ace Hardware is my source for stainless fasteners (preferably 316 but 304 will do), abrasives, various paint solvents, brushes and other paint sundries. Home Depot has small tools...
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    Cam cleat + horn cleats for halyard

    If there’s already a horn cleat, I’d try holding the load with a short length of line, one end on the horn cleat and the other hitched on the halyard with a rolling hitch or a prussik hitch. If you’re not sure this’ll work, leave the tail of the halyard on the winch, slack it an inch or so, go...
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    Fiberglass hatch refinish

    If the top is flat, how about cutting out the once-translucent laminate and bolting on a slab of plexiglass?
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    1978 Kalu-Star (Sweden) Lower Spreader Stay

    Never West Marine for any reason!