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  1. RedHerring

    Trampoline refinish

    Debated whether to put this here or in fixit, but figured the audience here would know better. Have two boats... Hobie 16 and F-31. Both need some tramp TLC. All mechanically solid, but the paint has come off to the point where the sun is probably starting to damage the fibers. The H16 has a...
  2. RedHerring

    Depth transducer to NMEA 2000

    I'm in the process of updating electronics.  Moving to an NMEA 2000 system from a mix of NMEA 0183, Seatalk, and a hodgepodge of other things. The depth transducer, an Airmar P79, is connected to the back of a Raymarine ST60 Depth Instrument.  Due to the way the P79 is installed, I'd like to...
  3. RedHerring

    Safety knife recommendations?

    I'm looking for recommendations for safety knives... having recently realized that the old knife that I had on my lifejacket is fine for "old tech" lines, but rather useless on dyneema/spectra/etc, I need to update. I'm looking for two things... a small one that I can keep on my lifejacket (and...