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  1. left hook

    New England Anarchists!!! Prov. Boat Show Crawl Time!&

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!! This Saturday, Jan 24th is the only worthwhile day in the whole month. A longstanding tradition started by mr. BJ Porter, the providence boat show crawl is back on again this year!! For the uninitiated it's the best way to spend a boring Saturday when...
  2. left hook

    John Thomson!?!?

    Saw something on facebook. Is it true? Crap. Huge sad face. :(
  3. left hook

    Bow Cleat Chocks

    In a perfect world we'd all race on boats without a single cleat or chafe guard with which to catch spin gear. Sadly this is not the case. I race on two programs with cleats at the bow for mooring and they are a constant source of aggrivation when racing. I've seen boats with bungeed rubber...
  4. left hook

    Bachelor Pad Anarchy

    So, it's as shocking to all of you as it is to me that I graduated College a little more than a week ago. In an offhanded attempt to avoid the real world for another few years I applied to a few graduate schools and, shockingly, I made it into Brown University. le gasp! Unfortunately this...
  5. left hook

    Around BI Race

    Surprised this hasn't been started. Another foggy trip around the evil pork chop.
  6. left hook

    Food for thought

  7. left hook

    Left Hook Invades SF

    So I'll be dropping in on your fine city at midday tomorrow and staying through Sunday evening. I won't have a ton of free time but figured Id reach out anyways to see if anyone wanted to get together. Anarchists everywhere are always friendly and I love getting together for bevvies and putting...
  8. left hook

    Key West Feeder Race

    Just booked tickets to go with my 2012 ride. Who's in? Who's gonna win? Based on the current class breaks and the long range forecast here are my predictions: IRC: SPOOKIE, Privateer, Tonnere PHRFA: Different Drummer, Dragonfly, First Light PHRFB: Mirage (PHRF overall), Holy Toledo, Loki...
  9. left hook

    2013 Storm Trysail Foundation Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta

    Coming up this weekend is an awesome event featuring close to 500 college sailors duking it out over two days in big boat classes. Larchmont and the STC do an awesome job hosting this event every year and a group of fantastic owners very kindly donate their boats for us to mess around on...
  10. left hook

    Piano Kid lays it out with Billy Joel

    Ballsy Vanderbilt U kid asks to play New York State of Mind with Billy Joel during a Q&A session and knocks it out of the park. Cool video.
  11. left hook

    Drone Warfare from the Other Side

    22 Tips from Al Qaeda for how to not get blow'd up. What's your take JBSF, are they effective?
  12. left hook

    Pope Quits!!!

    Like a good christian he pulled out early.
  13. left hook

    Pineapple Cup

    The MoBay race starts in 4 days. Haven't seen any discussion thusfar. Pretty light on entries compared to when it was a part of the AORS in 2011. Donnybrook for line honors and a toss up for handicap under IRC. Dragon for LH and Overall under PHRF Discuss.
  14. left hook

    SA Layout

    Dawg, stop messing with it. Every time you change the background the forums function like a Macgregor 26 covered in molasses being driven by a poodle. Scrolling is slow, typing is slow, loading is slow. The fancy background (either the anarchy logo or water) isn't an improvement.
  15. left hook

    New Clipper 70: If a Volvo 70 and a Winnebago had a baby

    Discuss... *Lifted from the Marlow Ropes facebook page:
  16. left hook

    Media Embedding - Failures

    Having trouble embedding youtube videos using the bbc for media or youtube. Ex: Trying to post this video using the media tags gives us just a link
  17. left hook

    43% of Candians would rather have Bacon than Sex Our bretheren to the North know what's good for them...
  18. left hook

    Skyfall - Run, don't walk...

    I've been a james bond junkie since my parents first introduced me to Dr. No when I was 8. I've watched all of them over and over and over - I know all of the gadgets, villians, cars and (yes) girls. All of that went out the window tonight. We just got back from watching Skyfall in IMAX. This...
  19. left hook

    TWC Naming Winter Storms - Home Depot Stock Poised to Skyrocket

    Get ready because this winter is going to mark the beginning of the establishment of a new, northern "cone of commerce". The weather channel plans to begin naming major winter storms to "raise awareness, which will lead to more pro-active efforts to plan ahead, resulting in less impact on the...
  20. left hook

    LIS IRC Championship @ Riverside YC

    Right around the corner is one of my favorite, if lightly attended, regattas of the year. Whether light and shifty or blowing dogs off chains it's always been incredibly close and challenging racing - plus the parties on land aren't anything to scoff at either. Especially looking forward to the...