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    Torture music

    Music to torture by, or music that tortures you?
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    Torture music

    Skinny Puppy brings back some memories.
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    Canadian Politics

    So PP has been an MP since 2004 and JT since 2008. JT has racked up a number of scandals in his period, Elbowgate, Aga Khan vacay, SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson-Raybould, Blackface (multiple), WE Charity and Nova Scotia gun release bs. I can't find a list of PP's scandals, but it must be out there...
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    Aussies Salute New King!

    This is happening in Canada, especially at universities and artist circles, they are called "Pretendians".
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    Canadian Politics

    I had no issue with the Ottawa protest for the first weekend. People have a right of assembly to protest the government of the day. Then there was a total failure to clear the protest Sunday night. That allowed the radical elements to entrench and take control of a portion of the downtown core...
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    Canadian Politics

    I take a bit more nuanced view of the situation. JT selfishly called an election during a pandemic. JT made vaccines, which should be the domain of public health, into an election wedge issue. That is divisive to the core. Judging from your posting, anti-vaxxers and truckers are just a...
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    Canadian Politics

    PP did well in Quebec too. Liberals have already paid off their Quebec constituents, but will go back to the money truck with the big shovel soon. The irony of JT calling PP divisive was delicious. What an ugly time to be following politics.
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    Canadian Politics

    I guess we will find out all about these existential threats with the results of the public inquiry.
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    You are what you don't excrete.
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    Canadian Politics

    That is about right. Interesting that the federal cabinet thought this threat required enacting the Emergencies Act. The truckers going to Ottawa was like poop returning to the butthole, the clowns going to the big tent...
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    LONQR 2

    The cat's tone of voice makes it mean. At least that is what my mom always told me!
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    A sailing life, daughter's tribute to her Dad

    Thank you, it is nice to read about a role model father. From a father of three daughters.
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    Blades/knives. Whatcha got

    Most likely you did not get that knife from my dad, but he had a bunch made up for his pile driving company and handed them out 20 something years ago. He still uses his almost daily.
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    New England Boiled Dinner.

    The family style that is our house on lockdown and gassy food:
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    New England Boiled Dinner.

    I was first introduced to salt beef boiled dinner working on a trawler crewed by Newfs thirty years ago. Have not made it since I have been married with kids. Then during a 14 day quarantine with my three younger daughters, we started reading the Little House on the Prairie series. Crazy things...
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    Canadian Truck Driver Anarchy

    I like the Stampeders, but let's hear some Showdown!
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    Canadian Truck Driver Anarchy

    POGG Peace, Order and Good Governance. No justice.
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    F-35 Vinson Mishap

    Chinese say they have no interest in the plane, what about its computers and networking systems?
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    It happened again

    Maybe switch up your covid mask to something not resembling a balaclava? :rolleyes: