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  1. basketcase

    Nichelle Nichols, dts
  2. basketcase

    Guy Lafleur.....dts
  3. basketcase

    Liz Sheridan.... Another Sinfeld mother dts....
  4. basketcase

    Estelle Harris dts
  5. basketcase

    louie anderson, yep..... dts

    2022 really isn't fucking around.
  6. basketcase

    Dean Stockwell... Dts

    He was awesome in the Battlestar Galactica reboot. Fair winds.
  7. basketcase


    From their vapourware page......  'Outright ownership is R 1,950,000 +VAT'. That works out to 130 204.99usd before VAT. What the actual fuck? 130k for an ugly as fuck 'boat' with fender rebates? Man.... I want some of what they are smoking.
  8. basketcase

    Herb Tarlek DTS

    funny guy......
  9. basketcase

    beach cat trailering.

    hi guys. ok, so i am just getting into trailering  since moving to the New Mexico. I have a nice little Supercat 17. Picked it up a few years back in New Hampshire, sailed it in Rhode Island for a couple of years out of the Herreshoff museum, and then dragged it out here behind my 06 Toyota...
  10. basketcase

    Eight years

    Sail on Bart.
  11. basketcase

    Capitol lock down

    kinda surprised this has not come up yet........
  12. basketcase

    star wars

    ok guys, im a semi retired ex boat builder and a bit of a nerd. i recently moved to new mexico where theres not enough enough boats to make a living on. so i brought my knowledge of composites together with my enjoyment of star wars. im trying to bring these to market, but its a struggle...
  13. basketcase

    the iceman

    i guess the iceman is a bit of a time traveler. also, since when is hustings in Switzerland?......
  14. basketcase

    eddie shack, rip
  15. basketcase

    Canadian political crisis

    As the Americans try to get rid of their criminal President, our Prime Minister gets busted for buying cabinet expensive donuts......
  16. basketcase

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    im just gonna put this right here....... and its a series.
  17. basketcase

    happy birthday, Gord....

  18. basketcase

    super dave dts
  19. basketcase

    No getting the band back together

    Rip Matt Murphy
  20. basketcase

    john mahoney dts

    shame, funny guy