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    Non skid

    What is used in current J-boat models for nonskid? Is it gelcoat mixed with an additive or do they paint over it
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    Aluminum spreaders

    J-100 Hall carbon rig aluminum spreaders. Spreaders need to be repainted or powder coated . Finish is bubbling cracking off. Anyone have an idea off how to go about refinishing them. I believe the stick was awlgrip  so I'm assuming the spreaders are also. Can I just sand prime and awl grip these...
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    Auto Pilot/ tiller pilot

    Any good recomendations for AP for J-100? I was thinking I could try and mount this( Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Tiller Autopilot Pack w/ P70s Control Head  Item # : 261326 below deck and just disconnect when not using.  Trying to avoid drilling holes and mounting...
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    Tacktick Wind transmiter

    My original Tactic wind transmitter is broke. If I replace with the raymarine version can I get it to work with my displays?
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    Bottom Paint VC or Baltoplate

    Whats the difference between VC offshore and Baltoplate?
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    Anyone have any experience using dogbones on halyards or tack lines. Thinking about trying this on 32ft boat J-100
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    Any epaint users with good results

    New bottom was going to go with VC but came across ePaints. EP-2000 is a copper-free, water based antifouling paint. Paint cures to a hard mar-resistant surface which can be wet sanded to a mirror like finish if desired. EP-2000 provides the fastest, cleanest, and whitest bottom you’ll find...
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    Tacktick Analog Wind

    After this winter my display is not getting signal from hull transmiter. The display just shows 3 dashes no wind speed or direction. The Depth and speed work fine. This is an original tack tick setup from 2007. Where do I start?
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    Mauri Sails

    Has anyone looked into this or have any info about it? I got quote after seeing add here on SA. Mauri MX3 Racing Spinnaker Includes: Broad shoulders, maximum luff and leech length and racing sail bag Sailcloth: AIRX-600 Ripstop Nylon 0.75 oz. Price: $ 3,070 Special Seasonal Price: $ 2,760...
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    Just came across this.
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    J100 cradle

    I have J 100 cradle that I am not using. It is located at Morgan Marine in NJ. Tried to put it in the classified section but it didn't work. The marina may ask for a storage fee of a 150$ or they may not. If its left there I may have to pay to have it destroyed. I'm not trying to sell it just...
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    J-100 sails

    Looking into new sails for J-100. My options are Triradial carbon built here in the USA or membrane sails out sourced to a factory in China. Im leaning towards the triradial built sails. What do you guys think? The prices or within a few hundred bucks.The membrane sails would have technora strings.
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    Bow spirit

    Has anyone used or instaled after market bow sprit like the kits Selden is making? Saw them at boat show, alot cheaper then the retro kit J is offering. Thinking getting one for my J-100, they forgot the sprit on mine.
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    What happend to the J-124.
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    Should be recieving my New to me J-100 hull # 131 this week. Any body have tips or helpful hints on setup, rigging, tunning or just general info about the boat that would help me get started. 07 boat is stock setup with genoa tracks two track setup. Low hrs on engine 101. All tacktic...
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    J-100 Autopilot

    Any recomendations on an autopilot for J-100. My boat was preped for a below deck pilot, which means the rudder post is set up to except a tiller arm . Id like to hook up a below decks pilot. It seems all the APs out there are overkill and alot of money for a 6500lbs boat. My last boat had a...