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    Sail Dilemma

    That's a nice looking sail plan. I assume you want to raise the boom for safety.
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    Complaint from Marina about my connection to shore power

    The shore power breaker is 30amp? That means it will protect a 10-12 gauge wire. Your 14 gauge wire will happly melt down to short with out the shore breaker tripping. You need to get a 15 amp fuse/breaker at the beginning of the 14 gauge wire run Breakers protect the wire run, not the...
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    OK Cruisers, what boat do you have?

    J 32. 1st year and first summer cruise. Tacoma-Broughtons 8weeks solo return from Port McNeil.
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    weirdos met in boatyards

    The world is my boatyard I shall not want She makeith me lie down at awkward angles All the days of my life. (from early Greek translation. Abridged version)
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    Slap. Does your sink look like this?
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    Balmar AltMount Serpentine Pulley Conversion

    I was looking at the serpentine belt on my pick up wondering why they had three idler pulleys. That might be the answer.
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    Balmar AltMount Serpentine Pulley Conversion

    Is there a conversion option for double vee belts. 
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    Balmar AltMount Serpentine Pulley Conversion I'm sure this has been covered a lot, but I can't the threads where it has been discussed. Yanmar 3GM30F engine. Balmar series 6 alt 100amp. So the PO installed new Balmar alternator. And wouldn't ya know it chews through belts at...
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    Any J32 folks going to their boats this week. I'm looking for the sink dimension for a drop in cutting board.
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    SV Seeker

    Take it to composting head Anarchy!
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    Solar powered UFO ventilation fans

    They are effective for keeping your boat from the musty winter smell. Not effective for cooling humans in a boat in a hot climate. I installed 6 on my catamarran. 30% failure rate at the 18 months.
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    Snubbers and chafe protection

    Can anyone help me locate the thread where Zonk or maybe Estar talk about attaching one length of chain to another using dyneema.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    To quote my Grandma. "If'n it's the right price, it's the right colour"
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    Crazy Atlantic Crossing

    To raise awareness of the tyranny hydrodynamics.
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    Fishing and crabbing Anarchy,BC edition.

    Crab pots are ok. And it's engaging for little kids. To get the trolling gear to move you from fishing to catching is in the $1000 range.  You can purchase a fair amount of salmon for $1000.
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    Fishing and crabbing Anarchy,BC edition.

    That photo is priceless mate. And so are flex o fold traps at $200CAD. There website is informative.
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    Mixing Lithium Batteries Solar install.

    I'm going to keep the new battery separate as suggested. In the short term I will dedicate the solar 200w 12amp to this new battery and jsut run the the 45watt fridge  off it. Grateful as always for everyone's input. i
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    Fishing and crabbing Anarchy,BC edition.

    Pre amble. I made a promise to my family that I would be more open to trying crabbing and towing a lure this summer on our trip to the Central BC coast in June-July. I consider crab and fishing gear a poor investment when I can purchase the final product with far less hassle. But the need for...
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    48' 2006 Grainger cruiser TAJ in BC

    Cedar strip construction if I remember correctly. I was tied next to them at boat haven right after the launch. Beautiful boat.
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    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    This video is ripped and regurgitated  video from the "Fully Charged" youtube channel from over 2 years ago. No new info here.