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  1. NeedAClew

    We're just so done with it

    And the Dems are scurrying off the sinking boat of covid public health measures as fast as they can before the elections. Democracy  "trumps" covid. No masks, no vax cards, no House turnover. They hope. ...
  2. NeedAClew

    Cuba made its own good vaccine So Cuba apparently realized US sanctions and lack of money would limit vaccine access so...
  3. NeedAClew

    Home covid tests in the US

    @EYESAILOR here's that thread... This is a thread to elicit links to reputable and valid rapid home covid test products. The focus is on US availability and experience using the products but other availability is welcomed, just specify where available or used.  Reason for my interest is...
  4. NeedAClew

    New Honda ( ?!?) Anarchy

    Ok, a worse problem than finding NA beer. I got t-boned yesterday (not hurt, just a bit sore on one side) by a car making a blind left in a construction zone. The driver's side front corner is a total mess, door weird, alignment off, entire side scraped. I am hoping they don't total it. It's...
  5. NeedAClew

    Zero alcohol wine and beer anarchy

    For the time being I am not drinking alcohol.  But I miss the pleasant beer or wine or two while reading in the back yard, etc. Got zero alcohol Heineken from Amazon. Sweetish. Gave me a headache. 4 of 6 bottles removed from fridge to pantry. Have some Sutter Home zero alcohol Fre "champagne"...
  6. NeedAClew

    Back to School Safely ("it's airborne!")

    It's back to school time in the US, Johns Hopkins Public Health guidance for student safety emphasized the importance of VENTILATION and air filtering, not just deep cleaning theatre. School Ventilation: A Vital Tool to Reduce COVID-19 Spread Authors: Paula J. Olsiewski, Richard Bruns...
  7. NeedAClew

    Blog Anarchy

    Mr. Clew wants mt to set him up a blog. If would be low traffic, I think, moderated comments. Maybe links to Amazon books but no interest in monetizing anything.  Other than being wary, especially of it being a hacker magnet, I know little about blogs. Don't read them. Any suggestions for...
  8. NeedAClew

    So, how long before we get our mRNA boosters?

    Pfizer is working on theirs. I guess Moderna is also.  6 months for me is September.  Guess it's just as well China and Fiji are pretty certainly off the table. I see why we still have all those indignant UK and EU people on the forbidden list, Disney notwithstanding...
  9. NeedAClew

    Ammo box anarchy

    Seeing the new neighbors across the street unload 8 large ammo boxes as the first load moved in started me thinking. These are waterproof and lockable, right? If so they may be ideal for storing and eventually moving financial and tax papers.  I looked on Amazon but all I find are small ones...
  10. NeedAClew

    Sorry for the downvotes, accidental!

    Someone kindly asked why the down votes. To my horror, I found all my intended upvotes the last several days were actually down votes. I removed as many as I could find. I don't know how or why, but my only "reaction" now is down, not up.  If I downvoted anyone I apologize let me know and I...
  11. NeedAClew

    No herd immunity for us, thank you

    Due to 30% of the country being vaccine refusers aka Trumptards, scientifically illiterate, religious freaks, #becausefreedom or whatever, we will not reach herd immunity in the US.
  12. NeedAClew

    No $10B for you, Larry! Google versus Oracle Java API copying

    This case has gone on for over a decade. Oracle bought Sun, got Java. Issues were whether Google copying part of an API was fair use and the extent to which APIs are copyrightable subject matter. Supreme Court said what Google did was fair use. No $10 billion claimed damages to Oracle...
  13. NeedAClew

    Mask humidity may actually decrease severity if you get it Humidity in inhaled air behind mask may be helpful. A setback for all the mask haters who think it gives you covid or deprives you of your Jesus given oxygen. BWAHAHAHA 
  14. NeedAClew

    A booster needed THIS YEAR?!?

    So this guy is usually sensible, but my mind boggles at the thought fully vaccinated people will need a booster by the end of this year?!?  Shit. I know there are new strains, etc. But I was hoping the vaccines would let me travel internationally this fall. At this rate, I have 3 months to cram...
  15. NeedAClew


    Did well in UK but not that well in small South Africa trial. A few in South Africa got the new SA variant after having had corona classic.
  16. NeedAClew

    Venn Diagram Anarchy

  17. NeedAClew

    Shatner divorces, gets horse semen

    88 year old William Shatner was awarded horse semen as part of his divorce settlement.
  18. NeedAClew


    Or not, depending on if you think this is Fake News. Me, bummed. Thankful for SA fights about past AC skullduggery and SGP to distract me.
  19. NeedAClew

    Old iPhones

    Don't know if this is just a US issue but fyi
  20. NeedAClew

    "Narcissists Horrible People But Happy"

    Shit. My husband tells me often that I can be a horrible person, but unfortunately  I am not a narcissist. If I were, best of all worlds...