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  1. VWAP

    Material for trailer hull supports drill holes in the bunk boards to help dry out. Works on the Starboat
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    Co fires. 500 homes gone... PB??

    Too much large  glass and the eves and deck can be an issue. In wild fires many homes burn from the inside out
  3. VWAP

    what happened to the "DON'T know shit about tools" thread?

    Did you say bOtTy pUmP??????
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    Christmas lights

    Yea Christmas fights
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    Scooter Sells Out

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    under new management

    Does this helps
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    under new management

    Gramps want to know if you are getting back into Sabots?
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    LONQR 2 Microchip implanted in your arm could track your Covid vaccine status with just a cell phone scan
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    First 40.7 keel reinforcement

    Ummmmm I gonna focus on gettin the right crew
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    LONQR 2

    Former Connecticut GOP digital director now working as a porn star
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    LONQR 2
  12. VWAP

    LONQR 2

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    Semi-Permanent Race Marks

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    LONQR 2

    The referee stabbed by the wrestler “Hannibal” was paid $ 75 for bleeding, police say
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    Fucking FedEx-USPS Fuckwittery

    Next time use EAZE they hand it to you
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    SCUBA anarchy

    Be careful
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    Those who do know shit about tools

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    Maritime Art Anarchy

    Photography is art