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  1. RobbieB

    Old Laser M-rig

    We had a D12 event in June and a kid showed up with a vintage hull and M rig sail. Both were in nearly new condition. At first I thought it was a radial sail but the "Sun beam"? color scheme threw me and then I saw the halyard set up and knew what it was. I used some duct tape to put a "0" on...
  2. RobbieB

    ILC Rumor Mill....

    So, I've heard someone is circling their wagons in NA to become an ILCA builder.....I think the next 6 months will be interesting.
  3. RobbieB

    BOOM! ILCA-NA grew 30% in 2021!

    Fresh from the NA Class Secretary.  Even w/out a US located builder.  Looks like D12 wasn't the only District making it happen. Wess owes me rum......
  4. RobbieB

    "Soccer" parents in sailing....

    As a long time sailor who started as a Junior sailor, but never had the "privilege" of coming up through any kind of Yacht Club Opti, (or other) program it's taken quite some time for me to become exposed to the "soccer parent". You see- my jr sailing experiences were more along the lines of...
  5. RobbieB

    It's fun to sail in the I.L.C.A!

    Sing it with me folks!  Here's the 2021 Top Sailors from ILCA-NA District 12.  Top 6 rig and Jr Sailor, (when he steps up to full rig next year none of us old guys will see top silver again...) Top Female Sailor, (from the 4 rig class) holding the brand new D12 Top Female Perpetual trophy. and...
  6. RobbieB

    737 cargo ditches off Hawaii ?

    Just read a 737 cargo plane ditched in the ocean after takeoff at 2:30 am and both pilots survived.  Chime in other pilots.  What's the likely hood of this?
  7. RobbieB

    Coach Boat Rant

    The ILCA Jr boom has created a lot of coaching jobs which is great.  However, some, (just a few) of these coaches and their fast moving RIB's seem to haver Zero respect for anyone else on the water outside of their paying clients. In 2 days of sailing the ACC's I had 3 close calls and the...
  8. RobbieB

    New ZIM ILCA's

    Charleston area ZIM dealer High and Dry Boatworks took delivery of 10 ZIM ILCA's in late March.  ALL are sold with the next delivery coming in June.   After seeing the boats this weekend and talking to the dealer both of us agree these boats are just like all the older boats that are ILCA...
  9. RobbieB

    Mystery Dingy- What is this?

  10. RobbieB

    SCOTY- Rolex Award?

    Looking at this year's Vendee.  Any woman, (man for that matter) who can get their boat around the planet in this event needs a Rolex.  Hard stop.  Yes, an Olympic campaign and gold medal is huge, but on a Vendee year?  There's just no comparison.
  11. RobbieB

    All things FINN

    Couldn't find the appropriate place for these so started a thread.  A  cool stamp collection gift from my father in law this year.  I'm a long time Finn admirer and aspirer to sail one some day.  Thought some of you would appreciate these and might even know some background...
  12. RobbieB

    CORA votes in burgee change. CRW 2021 Open for business.

    Not sure what the deal is on the primary sponsor but old burgee is a gonner.
  13. RobbieB

    Marion, SC Beneteau Plant Sold

    Sold out to a pool manufacturer.  Good news for 70 manufacturing people.  Bad news for hopes of it ever reopening as a Beneteau plant....
  14. RobbieB

    CORA Flag

    The irony of THIS making a FP topic on SA when CORA is by FAR the most liberal sailing club in Charleston harbor is mind blowing.   Want to join CORA?  Show up to a meeting an write a check, (either as a boat owner or crew).  There's no initiation fee, no "wait period" and no "vote in approval"...
  15. RobbieB

    Olympic level Finn Sailing

    Reading part of the US coach summary of the recent Finn Gold Cup and the US finishes.  It blows my mind how a sailor like Caleb can medal in an Olympics and in 3 years be "off the pace".  Just shows how old dogs, (like Finn's, Lasers and other old boats) can still have new tricks to make them go...
  16. RobbieB

    Greta Rides Again?

    Apparently she didn't go back to the UK and headed west in the US.  Now she's coming back east and looking for a "fast" sailboat ride to Spain.  If nothing else she's bring some press to our sport.
  17. RobbieB

    US Sailing OD Survey (2)

    US Sailing just sent out a survey monkey survey.  It looks like it went out to all current and past members. No matter what you think about US Sailing please take the time to fill this out. It takes about 5 minutes, (if you get wordy on comments) and what's the downside of telling our governing...
  18. RobbieB

    US Sailing OD Survey

    US Sailing just sent out a survey monkey OD survey on what we think US sailing does for OD Sailing.  Based on the questions it looks like this went out to all current and past members, (who's e-mail address is still active). No matter what you think about US Sailing I highly recommend you take...
  19. RobbieB

    New Prada B1 First pic

    Anyone else see it?  Prada or Nada....?   Looks like a big, wide IACC boat with nearly flat, but rounded bottom.  I just can't see these monsters being controlled....
  20. RobbieB

    Royal Sail!

    What's not to like about this one?