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  1. Flippin Out

    Beauty and the Beast

    Anyone else notice the strategically placed bottle of bubbly ?
  2. Flippin Out

    2012 Rolex Sydney - Hobart

    Anyone got a weather forecast ?
  3. Flippin Out

    Brindabella's Around OZ attempt canned

    So what's the real story behind Brindabella's around Australia's record attempt being canned ? Officially it's been postponed due to unforeseen logistical issues.
  4. Flippin Out

    Fancy a Streets of Monaco Yacht ? Personally, if I could afford it, I could think of better ways to spend my money.
  5. Flippin Out

    Audi Victoria Week 2011

    Pretty handy IRC Fleet, one of the stronger ones I've seen. BOAT NAME SAIL NO SKIPPER FROM DESIGN STATE DivNo OK 3 COOL CATS R41 Scott Mutton RSAYS Farr 42 Irc SA tba Y AILERON 6785 Henk Welleman RPAYC Sydney 36cr VIC tba Y ANOTHER PLANET YC521 Brenton Pegler CYCSA Sydney 36cr SA tba Y...
  6. Flippin Out

    Aussies to enter AC34

    An article from sail-world A syndicate of Australians including yachtsman Ludde Ingvall, skipper of the YuuZoo Big Boat Racing Team, has submitted a Notice of Challenge to the defending Golden Gate Yacht Club of San Francisco. The Syndicate aims to bring together nationwide resources and skills...
  7. Flippin Out

    Jessica Watson Hasn't Sailed Around The World

    This is on Sail World ............. As publication for sailors, not the general public, it behoves us to be accurate about round the world circumnavigation records at a time when there are some fairly confusing distance figure and claims being bandied about. With the enthralling tales of...
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    Sailor Chick Of The Week

    I just told my wife, if she came to the front door and asked me to come with her and be her man, I'd be off like a flash. I was expecting a slap across the face from the wife, instead she took one look at her and asked if it would be possible to join us ? I've been waiting at the front door for...
  9. Flippin Out

    Emirates Team NZ

    If it goes as good as it looks they'll be unbeatable . . .
  10. Flippin Out

    2008 Hammo Race Week

    It all starts again in less than 4 weeks.
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    A Promoters Dream

    Just thinking there's a number of boats around now at the 100' mark. Imagine if the S2H organisers could convince them all to come and compete this year. These names spring to mind, I'm sure there's others. Would be some sort of race for line honours. - Wild Oats - Alfa Romeo - Skandia -...
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    Anyone feel like a yacht ?

    You'd probably have a bit on at the minute . . . . and they are saying it's gonna get worse before it eases.
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    Australia V New Zealand - South Pacific Cup

    What are the thoughts on the new South Pacific Cup that will be sailed as part of Hammo this year ? Another great excuse for the Aussies to whip the Kiwi's in yet another sporting event.
  14. Flippin Out

    Oppie Action

    Pretty awesome shots by Matias Capizzano.
  15. Flippin Out

    Maximus In Trouble . . .

    These guys can't take a trick, poor bastards.
  16. Flippin Out

    2007 Melb - Stanley Fleet

    Haven't seen a better assembled fleet for a Victorian ocean race for a while, just to name a few . . . . . Chutzpah R33 Bruce Taylor Hart 40 Cougar II Sm5200 Alan Whiteley Farr TP52 Dekadence Sm46 Philip Coombs DK 46 eXtasea G4646R Paul Buchholz DK...
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    Sailor Chick of the Week ?

    Congrats Sjoukje Bredenkamp . . . . . .