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    Christmas Party Activities

    I am the outgoing president of our professional association and for the last two years have delegated the Christmas Party activity or icebreaker to others. One year was a gift war, that turned into a sex toy exchange. Next year we did some trivia. These 'worked' as in not being complete flops...
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    What's up in Jolly Ol'England?

    Had a quick scan through PA since the riots may have a political overtone and saw nothing. Actually saw terrible things much worse than nothing, I digress. Can any anarchists shine a light on why there is so much seemingly spontaneous rioting over that last few days? I am not up to snuff on the...
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    B 25 v. SR 25

    I am interested in learning about the difference between these two boats. I have found out some basics and would like to expand that knowledge. These boats seem to have similar characteristics, no? What difference, positive or negative, does the cartridge rudder assembly and the articulating...
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    SR 25 v. B 25

    I need some educating... Seen ads for both of these boats for sale. Information seems scant. Thought I would plumb the depths of SA for unbiased views! Most sailing will be done in the PNW, so light wind ability is critical although I would never want to own a boat that I could not trust in a...