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    US Sailing today announced Alan Ostfield as new Chief Executive Officer.
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    One Design Central, US Sailing
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    Duffy boats ............. huts
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    US Sailing report 2019
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    Green Boat?

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    E Sailing World Championship ?

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    Esports scholarship

    An Overwatch star at 16, elite gamer will weigh college offers against turning pro
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    Boat of the year?
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    Beginners guide to Yacht Week?
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    Sailing Booster System????

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    The case for the women’s team:Why men need to be out-sailed by women The case for the women’s team: Why men need to be out-sailed by women I noticed something right away when I raced...
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    New fees on Olympic sailors ?

    "The World Sailing Board is implementing significant new fees on Olympic sailors without a vote of council. The new Olympic contracts, which each Olympic class for 2024 must sign by August 1st, includes a new 1% fee on all equipment sales that will pull an estimated $300,000 annually from the...
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    Illegal C420 at Nationals NEWS: Club 420 Class Office Releases Statement on Hull Measurement Conformity Determination
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    MAD Magazine to Cease Publication
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    New hiking boots ?

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    Sail Canada Code of Conduct?

    How many did you fail?
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    Comanche, Bruce Kirby

    Bruce Kirby, the designer of what is arguably the most successful boat in sailing history the Laser, there have been more than 210,000 built so far, is a man who calls what he believes to be a spade a spade...
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    122 year old veteran robbed

    "Best of all, it's where he smokes most of his 12 daily cigars, and sometimes drinks his favorite drink, a whiskey and Coke."