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    Engage the Pontoons!!!

    Yesterday we had just finished racing and were pulling our F-82R out at the ramp and as always it attracted lots of attention and comments. One such conversation was with a guy with one of those growly cool dude voices: Cool Dude: "Cool boat - how many people can it hold?" Us: "We normally...
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    How to Tie Stuff Down on a Boat?!?!

    I like to use a Trucker's Hitch: Any other suggestions or ideas?
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    Real Life Person Overboard Experiences vs. Drills

    Person overboard drills are really important, but has anybody else found that the real thing is never quite like the drill?
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    The Mast Raising Thread

    I couldn't find any evidence of a mast raising thread so I thought I'd start one. Here's a new mast raising / lowering video for an F-82R with tips and tricks that could apply to any Farrier / Corsair design. What about other designs? I'm interested in those too! Also are there tips...
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    Anchor Swivels - How Important are they Really?

    To me swivels attaching the anchor to the rode have always seemed like a huge tradeoff - another point of failure in exchange for theoretically not twisting things up too badly. I've always avoided them, but I've also only ever anchored for a few days at a time, and it hasn't been a problem...
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    Open Waters Yachts

    This looks like an interesting project to follow:
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    Battle Flag Etiquette

    Once upon a time, when we were actually holding regattas, boats would proudly fly their battle flags (pennants won at previous regattas) at the dock.  Assuming there will be regattas again one day, what if you sell your boat and get another one? Is it bad taste to fly your old battle flags on...
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    Permanent bilge pump requirement in SERs

    So far we've been getting by with a couple of hand-held bilge pumps, but we want to go in some longer races and the common language in the safety equipment requirements (SERs) says: A boat shall have a permanently installed manual bilge pump of at least a 10 GPM (37.8 liter per minute) capacity...
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    Sheeting Angle for Performance Tris

    I have far more experience racing keelboats than multihulls, and am finding our F-82R to be a rocket at 40 degrees AWA or lower, but above that we're low and slow. So I took some measurements and found our jib sheeting angle to be about 11.5 degrees, and given that performance keelboats (e.g...
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    Foiling F-Boats

    It's probably a combination of boredom from not sailing much due to the pandemic, plus online coverage of the America's Cup, Vendee Globe, and Jules Verne Trophy, but this all has me curious about the plausibility of full foiling kits for Farrier/Corsair boats. I mean there's a full foiling kit...
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    Reefing a Multihull

    My previous race boat was an IOR 2-tonner, and while the merits of trying to go fast with four tons of lead in tow are questionable, the boat did sail very well to weather on headsail alone. As such the mainsail reefing process  was simple - drop traveller to leeward, reef main, pull traveller...
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    Another approach to casual racing

    So all of this talk about ratings and how meaningful they are, combined with declining participation, has led me to try another approach for our club - casual pursuit racing: Course based on conditions with a target completion time 2 hours Skipper’s Meeting at 10:00 Boats divided into...
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    Why are multihulls more expensive to maintain?

    During my personal monohull-to-multihull conversion journey, I was asking about the usual pros, cons and misconceptions regarding safety, performance etc. and my good friend Airwick told me "The only disadvantage to multihulls is price".  I get why multihulls are more expensive to build and buy...
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    PFDs, Harnesses and Jacklines on a Racing Multihull

    Most of my racing experience is on monohulls, where the prevailing safety protocol in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) typically involves: Self-inflating PFDs (e.g. Mustang, Spinlock) with integral harnesses and crotch straps which are typically worn at all times Jack lines down either side of...
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    Starboard tack after finish

    So I found myself in an interesting situation at the finish line in a recent regatta: Came in to finish on starboard right at the boat end of the line, headed up briefly to "shoot the line", then bore away on starboard to regain drive and clear the finish area. A few seconds later another...