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    Net reduction in mortality from all sources in New Zealand in 2020

    New Zealand has done such a competent job handling the covid 19 pandemic that they have shown an 11% reduction in deaths from all sources between march and september when compared to previous years,  presumably due to lower deaths from automobile accidents during their real lockdown and the...
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    Covid 19 now the #1 killer in the USA

    Just saw on the Today show that Covid 19 has now surpassed heart disease and lung cancer to claim the top spot.
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    Dust shroud for sander/polisher

    Im looking to control the dust in the shop as much as possible and have purchased 4 1/2" angle grinders with dust shrouds that we use with zek disks for heavy duty glass grinding and the things pick up almost all the dust when kept fairly flat but i am drawing a blank in my search for a decent...
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    bonding to a powder coated surface

    So i had a large Bomar cast aluminum hatch frame powder coated and am replacing the acrylic lens with a honeycomb cored fiberglass panel and now i need to bond it in and it occured to me that this may not be so easy due to the low surface energy of the powder coating. Typically, with the acrylic...
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    Farrier type roller furling boom

    I have long been interested in the roller reefing/furling boom setup as used by the Farrier tris and have an interest in installing a similar setup on my Gemini cat so i have a few questions for those with this system. I do realize that i would need a full batten main for it to work. So my...
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    2018 PIC Coastal Classic

    The Coastal Classic was run last weekend. No surprise that the ORMA 60 Frank racing was the first to finish in just over 7 hours even though it was upwind in light air. What was impressive to me was that the second boat to finish was an IMOCA 60 monohull (over 6 hours behind) not because it is a...
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    repainting oxidized molded non skid

    I have perfectly good molded non skid that is oxidized and needs to be sealed to stop it washing down over the windows. I have looked into kiwigrip but at 80ft2 coverage for about 600ft2 its a bit pricy, interdeck would be ok but very limited colors available and I don't want to highlight the...
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    F boat roller furling mainsail

    I believe that a lot of F boats have a roller reefing/furling boom,i sailed on a f 27 years ago with this arrangement and liked it and am looking to do similar on my mono,mainly for ease of putting the sail to bed at the end of the day so im looking for a bit of info,so,the questions. 1/when...
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    Lightspeed 32

    Never hear anything about them anymore, did they ever build more than the one demo boat? Steve.
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    Bullimore sweeping toward lead of ORYX

    Yep, two down,one to go.
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    Just checked in on the site and was suprised to see that after 10 days Daedalus is something like 50miles ahead of Cheyenne, Bullimore has got to be pretty pleased with their performance thus far. I know that sooner or later Cheyenne will catch her stride and take off but i always like to root...
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    Kaufman Open 60 "Imagine"

    I was just going through some old magazines and came across a story of the launching and maiden voyage of Micheal Carrs Open 60 in 1992 and it occured to me that i havnt heard of the boat since then, it apparently suffered serious syructural damage during its first 200 mile trip and was left in...
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    Help please, i would like to replace the leaking teak toerail on the Lindenberg 26 i just bought with the extruded aluminum t track/toerail as was used on the j35 and im sure, other boats.Ive done a google search and drawn a blank,ive talked to TPI and they dont stock it anymore as the...
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    Yacht race websites.

    Like most of you i like to follow the progress of any race thats going on that interests me and these days the organizers of all the major ones put up a website, making it possible for anyone,anywhere in the world to follow along.The opportunity is there to do a good,informative site or a...
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    Super maxis

    Weve seen a few races now and to be honest, im not impressed. In the recent Brisbane to Gladstone race Skandia was beaten over the line by a big margin by a cat 40ft shorter and only beat another monohull some 30ft shorter with a crew of only 8 people by 12 minutes in a 308mile race. In last...