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    Sailmon E4 experiences?

    Wondering if anyone here has any experience with the Sailmon E4 processor.  Looking to upgrade an old B&G system and haven't had the most positive experiences with modern B&G kit. Thanks!
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    J105 Trailer West Coast

    Anyone have a lead on a J-105 trailer for sale/rent on the left coast?
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    Wet layup bladder molding

    I'm thinking about making some carbon parts using CNCed MDF female molds, a wet layup, and a bladder. I am apprehensive about the bladder. My current plans follow: make an over sized bladder out of stretchlon bag film, sealed with seamstick, and if that fails, build a laytex bladder off the...
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    Thailand Dentist?

    need to make it to a dentist one of these years. costs an arm and a leg state side. rather turn it into a travel vacation, some sailing, some climbing. anyone have any recomendations or experiance with dentists in Thailand? thanks
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    Flipping through the port supply catalog today, I saw that Musto sells "exclusive" styles for West Marine. I can't speak highly enough about my Musto gear. I have nothing positive to say about any West Marine branded merchandice . What is happening; what is this unholy alliance? Is the gear...
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    Logo Fail

    Their logo is a straight rip of the Metallica logo. but uglier. Unforgiven.
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    Gill Customer Service

    I sent back a de-laminating Goretex jacket for Gill's "customer care" department to look over a month ago. UPS tracking confirms their receipt of the jacket. I call, I email and have not received a reply other than from their auto responder. Any suggestions?
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    DC Designs

    As people trickle back to their lives: what worked, what didn't and whose boat should I start ripping off? I have space, time, and $ and I want to canoe.