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    Shitty Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Bring the Toilet Paper With You

    I came down with MRSA here in San Diego. It's way more serious then is being reported here. MRSA often enters through the nose, and can travel to the brain. I had a giant hole in my leg, and half my head swelled up like a balloon as it traveled towards my brain. I spent a week in intensive...
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    Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    I've been in the charter business for 28 years, drove 2 large ribs during 3 America's Cups in San Diego with spectators. Also took Il moro VIPs, and operated as support boat for Il Moro's cup boats during the cup. I have thousands of hours driving these RIBs in all sorts of conditions. 1st...
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    Musto skiff vs A-Cat

    Can anyone tell me what the optimum crew weight range for a foiling A Cat is? I know I'm too fat, but I'm wondering how much I'm going to have to lose to join this fleet. Thank you,
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    Gunboat G4 Foiler

    I've watched the video a few times, and at .45 it looks like to me the crew sitting behind the helmsman on the windward stern stepped on the tiller tie bar pushing it to leeward causing the helmsman to not be able to drive off. Does anybody else see this?
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    G4 Fail

    I agree with Keith and Randy.......I was waiting for the video showing a full foiling bow down stuff leading to flip. What really happened gave me a good chuckle. I was actually happy to see that it didn't look foiling related. Go Gunboat go! I've never sailed a foiling boat and I wonder if...
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    Which is better for 2 handed round the world cruise?

    Ok I'm going to throw in my .02 I've cruised long term my Valiant 42, Shannon, BCC, 2 big cats, and some Hunters many years ago. The odds are that you will go enjoy your dream for 18 to 36 months, and then the boat will be back on the market. Lifetime cruising dreams, and reality are miles...
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    I've gotten myself into all sorts of situations that scared the crap out of me from the Worrell 1000 to a 60 knot papagayo off of Nicaragua on my Seawind catamaran. Recently aboard my Maine Cat I got into dangerous conditions in the Gulf Stream between Key West and Cuba heading for the Panama...
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    First Alpha 42 Abandoned on Maiden Voyage

    On cats going They go backwards if you get them in irons sailing upwind. They go backwards when you try to reef them if you get the boat a bit too high on the wind, and don't start the engines. They go backwards if you get disoriented at night during any sort of tacking or...
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    Taleisen for sale

    I had a sistership to the Pardey's Taleisin. Plank on frame hull, but with a more modern deck with marine ply, epoxy saturated dynel, and teak overlay on top of that. I had mine custom built, and she was, and is amazing. A bit more modern then Taleisin with a yanmar, electrical system, frig...
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    where to sail in San Francisco

    Ha ha ha.....missed the part about him going out in Aug..... Just assumed he was going soon as in this winter..... August is fun, fun, fun! I think the most important aspect in launch selection on the bay is the hot shower availability. I love to sail out of St. Francis during regattas, but...
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    where to sail in San Francisco

    The San Francisco Yacht Club over in Tiburon is a very friendly club, and has nice facilities for small boats. I assume you are a Yacht Club, or saiing club member. With a membership card, you will be welcomed. Richmond yacht club is also excellent for small boats, but doesn't have the...
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    Insulting Abby Sunderland on the front page.

    And there were plenty of places along the way that she could have pulled into port, quit, and told her parents to shove it.. But she kept on going even under the circumstances. Amazing effort. After all that happened, setting sail out of S. Africa took determination that most people will...
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    Insulting Abby Sunderland on the front page.

    I am not a friend of the Sunderland family. I see that Abby's 1st name was not used in that sentence with Laura and Jessica. Considering the ugly circumstances that surround Abby's circumnavigation effort, and the enormous handicap that she had to endure with her complete fool for a father...
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    Insulting Abby Sunderland on the front page.

    Unlike the publicity-whoring Blunderland or the slick-and-polished Jessica Watson, Dutch teen Laura Dekker worked to keep herself out of the limelight for the majority of her record-breaking (though unofficial) voyage around the world. I don't know what dumbass wrote this above, but I'm pretty...
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    All Is Lost: a review.

    Fear is not rational and cannot be dissolved by statistics. I think it's always a bad idea to take the family to movies like this. Don't even put the images in their heads. When my wife and I were out cruising long term, we walked out of "The Guardian" 10 minutes into the movie as the...
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    Like a pack of goddamn dogs.

    Haven't spent as much time looking at this situation frame by frame as you guys, but I saw the video on Anderson 360. In the video it shows the left rear passenger door being pulled open just before he sped forward running over the biker on the ground. As he accelerates forward, the back door...
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    ETNZ vs. Oracle: Races 5 and 6.

    OR would have to win 2 less races to make the event go to 19 without the penalty. Looks to me like etnz is going to shut this down, and with the penalty, they will accomplish this 2 races earlier. OR cheated and should be punished, but just not at the expense of the final event.
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    Uncontrollable Urge

    I agree, the storm trysail moves the CE forward. I've sailed in a few gails using a storm trysail, but in very different boats. I just can't imagine with a full main sheeted hard amidships that the boat wouldn't stay head to wind, alternately tacking, enabling them to motor upwind away from...