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    Larry shows his true colors
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    The Finnish Prime Minister...

    No wonder they are the world's happiest country...
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    Stupidity...The GOP has cornered the market

    YCMTSU...really.  Boebert filed campaign documents with the Federal Elections Commission for the wrong state. don't represent Utah, girl.
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    Is Windy off line?

    So Windy won't open for me either with Chrome or Safari.  Hasn't for a couple of weeks now. A bar pops up and says "WOW, it looks like you're off line." Everything else works.  Is it them or me?
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    What exactly is "Trumpism"?

    Two questions that popped into my head the other day.   The first after seeing this meme: The second was while watching a Korean cop show and "Asshole" popped up as an epithet.  Appropriately. Not that these two questions are related.
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    Is Donald John Trump dead?

    Just wondering.  That thing that showed up in Charleston raises some questions: It never changes clothes.  It always says the same thing.  It walks like a klutz It can't negotiate stairs very well.  It only has 3 or 4 hand gestures. It apparently doesn't need to pee.
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    Cool and Weird and Scary?

    So, how does the bowman (or any of the crew) get off the rail in a hurry?  I see a lot of scrabbling feet trying to get purchase on something.  That looks like a recipe for disaster.  Maybe I'm just old.
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    Elaine Chao, Secretary of Graft & Corruption

    So, The Department of Transportation's Inspector General dropped a report condemning Elaine Chao's rather brazen attempts to promote Chinese business for her father and sister's shipping company.  Including trying to taking daddy along to meet and greet Chinese officials on an official trip. ...
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    21st Century Mount Rushmore

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    So, I just went shopping in my neighborhood

    That's all.  Normalcy.  Everybody just calmly doing their business.  Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it was a nice series of moments.  Was it like that last week?
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    Biden's First Day, 10 days, 100 days...

    WASHINGTON (AP) — In his first hours as president, Joe Biden plans to take executive action to roll back some of the most controversial decisions of his predecessor and to address the raging coronavirus pandemic, his incoming chief of staff said Saturday. The opening salvo would herald a 10-day...
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    RIP Eddie VanHalen

    Just like ringing a bell....
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    Bureacracy Gone Crazy!

    How did this even happen... On late Saturday afternoon of Thanksgiving weekend, I ordered a refill of a medicine from Kaiser Permanente on line.  On Monday morning at 8:30 AM, our regular USPS postman, who usually drops our mail off in the afternoon on his route, knocked on our door to hand me...
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    Ocean's poem...

    The first skipper I did Transpac with, George Kiskaddon, was a self-taught merchant seaman, adventurer, entrepreneur and protector of the oceans.  Each evening on New World, he would read a page of Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” to us as we had our shot of rum.  I came a cross this one on the...
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    Thanksgiving Feast?

    Here's what we are having! Roasted Lame Duck a l'Orange.  Any condiment suggestions?
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    Don't worry...It's all over!

    See...Ivanka says it's so!
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    International travel could open up???

    My nephew's project passed it's first trial.  Could be big!
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    Seattle, the first official Anarchist City in the US

    d. John tRump, the official White House *Resident, has declared my home town to be the first official anarchist city in the USofA.   This is an unexpected honor, but the city is grateful.  At the very least, we hope that, along with the botched handling of Covid-19, this will be the...
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    Something tells me this is a scam