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    J/105 Sparcraft mast replacing Hall

    Thanks for the thought.  Mast damage - while being trucked to Nationals, the mast base hit an I-95 overpass that was being worked on - (so under the posted height).   Took a chunk out of the mast base and stressed the spreaders.   Probably repairable if anyone's interested in it. 
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    J/105 Sparcraft mast replacing Hall

    Thanks yes I received same email.   Having just spent 12K on new North Sails I didn't fancy chucking the main away and buying a new Doyle main.   I'm waiting for North Sails to tell me whether it's just a $200 luff curve as Frogman56 suggests.....!!
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    J/105 Sparcraft mast replacing Hall

    Recently replaced the original Hall mast with Sparcraft (original damaged in transit to regatta).   Hearing that I might need to recut my new (used twice!) North mainsail to fit the different Sparcraft bend profile.   Any other J/105 owners or sailmakers have any experience with this?  Thanks
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    bluffs, blarney, blather, and bullshit

    Every sport that's thriving today has tapped into someone else's money, whether that's corporate sponsors or dodgy Emirates or other rulers.    Premier League, Ligue 1 soccer, formula one, tennis, went this way 40 years ago via Kerry Packer.   In doing so, most of those sports...
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    your new mast man

    Totally agree. this sport needs all the help it can get in terms of participation. Insulting 50% of the potential sailing universe is not the smartest tactic for a forward-looking sport.
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    J80 - Beer Can/Short Distance Racing/Daysailing

    I'd love to see more J/80s racing on SF bay; ours is usually the only representative in the major races....we are rated locally at 111 which kills us (but probably no more than our sheer incompetence!) unless it's blowing. No matter what, me and my boat partner love the J/80 - she's easy to...