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  1. Spin Echo

    Back from the dead

    I know that you know what she is. 
  2. Spin Echo

    Manhasset Bay

    New to the area, need recommendations on marinas and clubs in Manhasset Bay and some local knowledge on navigation that may not be on the charts. Do mostly distance racing in LIS, some wednesdays and some cruising. Boat 42 ft, 7 ft draft. Thank you!
  3. Spin Echo

    New mast for 105

    Got a new to me 105 in beautiful condition, superexcited,  only to have my mast destroyed in transport. Boat in Northeast USA. Need new mast. Looking for feedback on the new Sparcraft mast vs a used Hall mast. I know Sparcraft is a bit stiffer and slightly heavier, but would love to hear from...
  4. Spin Echo

    Surveyor in Chicago

    Need a surveyor in Chicago that knows J boats well. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Spin Echo

    Latest Boat Insurance Rates

    Got my renewal from BoatUS and its 2,000 for a 16 year old 40 ft production sloop. Its underwritten by Geico now. Markel quoted me 1,800 or so. WTF? Any suggestions? Thank you.
  6. Spin Echo

    Maximum alternator size

    Need some advice on my alternator upgrade project. Engine: 4jh3e Yanmar 56 hp Batteries: 2 4d house and 31 starting, all Lifeline AGM. Need fast battery charging on distance racing since the current 80A Hitachi is not doing much. I do plan serpentine belt and external regulation...
  7. Spin Echo

    Serpentine belt kit for 4JH3E

    I want to install a bigger alternator with a serpentine belt, but i cant find a kit. 4JH3E has this big flywheel on the front. Spoke to Mark Grasser, but he says he doesn't feel comfortable because of the flywheel. Any ideas? Thx.
  8. Spin Echo

    New C & C Redline 41, a total flop?

    Anyone has any idea why an essentially new 2015 Redline 41 for sale at McMichael's asking price is cheaper than a 2007 J122?
  9. Spin Echo

    Backstay adjuster on a Masthead Rig

    Would like to get some of the collective wisdom on this topic. 52 ft masthead rig with caps, intermediates, forward and aft lowers and split backstays. Thinking of converting to a single backstay to a block, then 7x19 wire over a block to the backstay chaniplates, one of which will be an...
  10. Spin Echo

    Masthead rig on a Class 40

    On masthead rigs backstay tension does not produce significant mast bend. One of the latest Class 40 builds, Longbow, OCD design is built with a masthead rig. I know this particular design was optimized for lower wind speeds of east coast usa, but i still dont understand what would be an...
  11. Spin Echo

    Keel Tower

    Love the design of the Ker Class 40 built by McConaghey for the team Concise. Got really intrigued with the keel design. Its a keel tower that continues to the deck for better load distribution. I really want to find more photos and drawings of the system, but google has not been much help...
  12. Spin Echo

    Time for a Class 40 Proto Division?

    Its so cool to see all the innovation in the mini proto class, like carbon, nomex, daggerboards, lifting foils, telescoping, canting and twisting keels, etc. Is it that time to allow experimentation in the Class 40 Class and see the performance improvements with all the new technology and more...
  13. Spin Echo

    Is no blush epoxy really zero blush?

    Will be doing a repair from inside in a poorly accessible area and planning to use a no blush epoxy such as MAS with slow hardener so i dont have to rinse and scrub the blush where its a pia to access. Just wanted to confirm with the experts here that MAS is as advertised, no blush. Thank you!
  14. Spin Echo

    What is this neglected pretty lady?

    Was visiting a friend's marina and saw this beautiful old boat. Apparently she sunk last winter due to a failed thruhull. Sucks to see her so neglected. Any ideas what she is? Thanks
  15. Spin Echo

    American made 1x19 suppliers

    Im in the process of standing rigging replacement. Got the 3/8 from west marine, but they dont deal with Loos and co anymore so, 1/4, 5/16 wire is not available from them anymore. There are hundreds of sites selling wire rope but they dont specify the source. I would like american made, since...
  16. Spin Echo

    Tiller driven cruisers/racers over 35 ft

    Wanted to start a discussion on tiller driven bigger boats. Seems most productions boats have wheels nowadays, not counting the racers of course. I've had tillers, wheels and now twin wheels. After the last couple of seasons with twin wheels i started to miss that surgical precision of the...
  17. Spin Echo

    Whats the biggest J Boat made in the recent years?

    Have J Boats made anything bigger than 122 in the recent years? I know in 2006 they made the 65, 160 and a 145, but anything more recent?
  18. Spin Echo

    4G Cellphone signal amplifier

    Ive been using a powermax 2g3g unit for a few years now, but it is now broken. I want to upgrade to a Shakespeare or powermax unit that can also do 4G. Just want to inquire if anyone had any issues with signal or vhf interference and on manufacturer recommendations. Thank you.
  19. Spin Echo

    Pope wants to limit the freedom of speech

    I thought this pope is a progressive, but he's just a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  20. Spin Echo

    Hard dinghy as a tender and a small sailboat for kids

    Would anyone know where i can get a hard dinghy under 10 ft, that i can store on deck forward of the mast and use it as a small sailboat for my kids? Something along the lines of this one, but with a mast and maybe centerboard. These guys at offshore cruising tender made it, but its not for...