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  1. Goatish

    Sharpest hull colour scheme

    It is painted on currently. Looking at options to redo it in the future and may wrap it.
  2. Goatish

    Sharpest hull colour scheme

    She sure is a pretty one, looks even better underway, and happens to be mine as well!
  3. Goatish

    Southern Straits 22

    I think there are two major factors affecting the turn out this year. One, the change in sailing events over the last 2 years which resulted in some new, maybe more fun distance events being run during more enjoyable weather (why beat yourself up in April when it will be cold and miserable all...
  4. Goatish

    Impractical commuter boat

    @SASSAFRASS We commute daily from Bowen Island to Horseshoe Bay in a 18.2 Hourston Hardtop with an old 150HP 2 stroke Merc on it. It is a short hop (3 Nm), but often we see 30 knots and pretty large chop during an outflow, though usually somewhat on the beam rather than straight on or following...
  5. Goatish

    Pedal power???

    This boat is gearing up for the R2AK so they are out testing and training for it. They sailed around Van Isle last year as practice for the offshore portions and look to be a team I would put money on winning it based on how much planning and effort they are putting in.
  6. Goatish

    Salish Sea Regatta - RTC for Canadians

    This regatta is the weekend after Howe Sound and the OD Regatta. Currently it only conflicts with VRC's SHAG race which is geared towards a different crew type. As for why it has garnered so little in the way of registrations, likely a few factors such as being a 3 day race not on a long...
  7. Goatish

    Reefing staysail (hanked on) - reefing tips?

    You don't need a second set of sheets. Similar to a racing headsail change, you can take the lazy sheet off, attach it to the reefing clew, tack the boat onto the new sheet (if not short handed the sail can be dropped during the tack as well), then switch over the new lazy sheet to the reefing clew.
  8. Goatish

    How to drill a larger hole over a smaller hole for a new speed transducer

    Drill out the new hole size on a piece of scrap wood and use it for a guide so you do not need to rely on the pilot bit. Might need to put a couple small screw holes to hold it in place, if so, try to use the ones that would hold the transducer in place if it has them, or clamp it ideally, but...
  9. Goatish

    Has anyone tried the new North offshore gear?

    I have a set of HH foulies, bought new less than 8 years ago and worn fairly lightly. They are wet, don't breath and suck for any real weather exposure. I also have a older, second hand store find Musto MPX foulies, and they are awesome. Dry and breathable in all conditions. Truly night and day...
  10. Goatish

    Is it possible to come up with a S.A./Disp. definition of a sport boat?

    From the ORC Sportboat Class Rules: Length overall LOA (m) 6.00 – 9.15 Displacement in measurement trim DSPM (kg) < 2000 Displacement / Length Ratio DSPM / LSM0 3 < 6.00 This is a pretty good guideline as to what most consider to be sport boats.
  11. Goatish

    Best $25,000 Bang for your Buck

    There is a Laser 28 for sale in West Van currently, sitting on a trailer and in pretty good shape overall. $17,900.
  12. Goatish

    Norwester on the rocks (aka who let Rob drive)

    Friend of mine found a post online about this yesterday, looks like they hoped to raise $100,000 in the first year to donate, and increase that over the next few. So, I still think if they really wanted to help fight Cancer, they would request the 15 years worth of future donations go straight...
  13. Goatish

    Norwester on the rocks (aka who let Rob drive)

    Also, would it not make more sense to donate the $1.5 Million to the charity they are trying to raise money for? Seems it would be better used by them.
  14. Goatish

    Norwester on the rocks (aka who let Rob drive)

    Beautiful boat, but wow, the ignorance of the owner/skipper on this one on both lack of insurance and driving into a well charted shoal. Remind me to start a go-fund me when I feel ready to move up from my current boat to a new J/45 or similar. Might as well get you suckers to pay for it, I...
  15. Goatish

    Mainsail boompack for single handed racing

    Works a charm on a bigger boat for sure. After years of dealing with a very hard to tame main with no lazy jacks and regular cover, I got a new main and UK Lazy Cradle this year. Cradle stows tight to the boom with nearly no added windage as can be seen in the pic. Dropping the main into the bag...
  16. Goatish

    Two-boat situations - crazy adventure, crazy commitment

    I have 3 (36' live-aboard racer/cruiser sailboat, 24 foot pure racing sailboat, 18 foot aluminum powerboat for commuting and goofing around in), plus a dinghy, so ya, you are not crazy. Having two and having them in different parts of the world makes sense, I have met people who do this, and all...
  17. Goatish

    Il Moro in North Vancouver

    There is just the one Il Moro here. The one that did RBR was sent to SF area about 3 or 4 years ago to be sold by the owner as he bought another, bigger boat for use up here. After it did not sell, his crew returned to CA and brought her back up here last year, and now she is back sitting where...
  18. Goatish

    Comparables to the great Yamaha 9.9 high-thrust?

    Something worth looking into if you plan to motor a lot is what HP and prop pitch is actually best for your vessel. There is a free calculator here that I find quite helpful and have used when sorting out how to best re-prop my 5HP 2 stroke for my race boat...
  19. Goatish

    Comparables to the great Yamaha 9.9 high-thrust?

    I believe that the Mercury ProKicker models will be the closest and likley the best option to replace a Yamaha in this regard. They are not manual tilt normally, but they do lift very high. I just installed a lease return 15 HP version on my commuter boat as a backup to the main engine, and it...
  20. Goatish

    New mainsail - any basic guidance?

    @Jud - s/v Sputnik I just went through the process of getting 2 new upwind sails and would be happy to chat. If you are around the marina during the evenings this week (after 6) or this coming weekend, feel free to stop by and give the hull a tap. Slip B13.