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  1. StayinStrewn

    Elliott 35SS

    no connection, but saw it on facebook...anybody else see this? E35SS $290k USD ex sails, electronics, etc....thing looks sweet!!
  2. StayinStrewn

    Ursa Minor, Evelyn 25 for sale

    Ursa Minor is up for sale out of Mystic CT...all the details are in in the ad, so check it out...PM with any questions. She's is ready to go anywhere on her own bottom or trailer and start winning races right away! Asking $12.5k. SS
  3. StayinStrewn

    Safety at Sea, April 14th SUNY Maritime

    I posted this in the Bermuda Race thread in Ocean Anarchy, however, all sailors should consider attending one of the numerous Safety at Sea events being held this year. Sail safe and be prepared! Registration is now available online for the April 14th Safety at Sea @ SUNY Maritime Remember...
  4. StayinStrewn

    Villanova University Sailing Team's Video Wins!

    Storm Trysail Foundation Villanova University Wins First-Ever Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta Video Contest LARCHMONT, N.Y. (January 13, 2012) – Sailors captured the breeze from a creative angle during a video challenge at the Larchmont Yacht Club and Storm Trysail Foundation 2011...
  5. StayinStrewn

    New Carbon Columbia 32

    from the FP scrolling ad....looks pretty sweet. anybody know more about the revision of the design (besides using carbon)?? Carbon Columbia 32 $99k price is for the first 3 hulls, no mention of the real price. I recall hearing that the first gen didn't do so hot against the M32, FT 10 etc...
  6. StayinStrewn

    Crew Needed for Ram Island YC 8/22

    I'm looking for 1 or possibly 2 people for the RIYC race on 8/22...all around skills with smaller keelboat exp is ideal...boat is an Evelyn 25 in Mystic dock call about 9AM should be off the water by 4/5. fun boat that does well in the area (1st line/fleet last night's mudhead's race!!)...
  7. StayinStrewn

    Missing Sailor in Larchmont

    anybody out there see what was going on? news link Coast Guard Looks For Long Island Boater Published : Sunday, 25 Jul 2010, 9:55 PM EDT LARCHMONT, N.Y. (AP) - The Coast Guard is searching for a man who fell off his sailboat in the Long Island Sound during a sudden squall. The 20-year-old...
  8. StayinStrewn

    San Fran Cruising/Racing?

    anybody looking for an people to do some sailing around the Bay, whether cruising or some racing, please let me brother is a great sailor and needs to get back out on the water...he's 32, knows his way around most any sailboat and is always fun to be around. PM me and i'll pass along...
  9. StayinStrewn

    Mystic River Distance Race (CT)

    I need a couple people who can sail with us on May 30th out of MYSTIC CT...Boat is an Evelyn 25, recently refit with new UK sails, sweet bottom and newly redone deck...race will be all day sailing in the Fisher's Island area, with the course taking us out to Montauk, Block Island, Point Judith...
  10. StayinStrewn

    New Mills - Summit 35

    anybody have the word on this new ride? looks and sounds like the King 40 is starting to do pretty well... Summit 35
  11. StayinStrewn

    Looking for Rooftop Carrier

    not sure if this has been discussed here, but I'm looking for a cartop in my outback = too little room and i don't want an SUV (until i really need a tow vehicle!!)...anybody have a good idea or experience with thules and yakimas? need to be long enough for everything from...
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    As the lone American entry to this year's VOR, here's the space for all PUMA related emails/video/pics etc... here's a start... PUMA video
  13. StayinStrewn

    Bermuda Race Start

    Can't do the race this year, but would love to go out to the start as this year's fleet will be spectacular!! anybody going out or knows of anybody, please either post here or PM me...willing to go in on food/drinks/fuel with some SA people...other option of course is Castle Hill, but I'd like...
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    mysteriously, the OEM winches from our Evelyn 25 have gone missing during our refit and may need to get replaced...I don't want to buy new ones at $400 a pop...does anybody either have 2 laying around or know of a store or consignment shop that would have them? I need 2 x 2 speed, 16 or 18s...
  15. StayinStrewn

    Winch Cleaning

    Hey all - looking for the proper way, other than everything into a bucket of diesel, to clean a pair of winches. They are Barient 16s, 2 speed...they are off the boat and ready for cleaning...they are caked with nappy old grease and bronze shavings...any suggestions would be much appreciated...
  16. StayinStrewn

    Cascading Backstay for Evelyn 25

    So the new family rocket ship, "Ursa Minor" is getting a new set of UK rags and we need to rebuild the backstay purchase. Currently its a double ender working out to a 4:1 attached to a 2:1....if anybody has any good ideas that they've used on the same boat or any other similar mid 20 footers...
  17. StayinStrewn

    Job Hunt

    After endless searches on the internet and phone calls that never get returned, it's time I take the job hunt here - where I should've started 4 months ago! So - what is it that I do? Well, for the last 3 1/2 years I have been working for a very prominient financial services firm (read -...
  18. StayinStrewn

    Interested in FT 7.5??

    I am very interested and will continue to follow this development very closely... Who else is interested at this point? SS
  19. StayinStrewn

    AC on Versus

    Watching the Devils vs Senators on Versus and they just showed the highlights of BMWO loss vs Desafio and win vs ETNZ....good stuff, the announcer including Al Trautwig (ny area people would know him) sounded enthusiastic as they said "watch here for more" and " go to for AC info" --...
  20. StayinStrewn

    LVC hits the AP wires

    LVC from yahoo maybe some mainstream news will add the AP reports to their lineups?? doubtful though, I'm sure. SS