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    Thin skinned repair

    I've got a question that doesn't relate to sailboats, but it is fixing a glass/carbon boat that has some (extensive) damage. To explain the situation in short, I've been asked to look at a boat at the local rowing club that got banged up. The rowers ran it into a scaffolding-like structure (a...
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    Doug's Quant thread

    Since Doug clearly needs a thread to talk about the Quant, and no existing thread exists for that except the UFO thread, here's a new thread for you buddy. (not that any of this really even belongs in dinghy anarchy, just stop polluting the UFO thread so we can talk about the boat in question...
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    Another DTS: Terry Wogan Much loved radio broadcaster on BBC, and they're spending the morning paying tributes to him.
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    Precision Fabric Cutting

    I'm currently working on a project where I have to pop out an identical piece a number of times. The piece has some complex curves in it and the fabric (some glass, some carbon) when in it's final form is not a simple rectangle. In my first few attempts I tended to cut the fabric with a...
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    Pat Quinn DTS

    Pat Quinn, a hockey legend (at least here north of the border) passed away at the age of 71.
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    How do people plan this shit?

    Ottawa parliament under lockdown along with a lot of the surrounding area. Lots of gun shots inside the parliament building. Soldier guarding the war memorial was shot and has now died. What on earth motivates somebody to do this...
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    Etchells Worlds 2014

    Today was the first day of racing for the 95 boat fleet at the Etchells worlds in Newport, RI. With spectacular conditions being sunny, warm, and breezy (low teens most of the time, but double-digit basically all day) we were able to get off 2 great races. After a pair of general recalls, under...
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    Office Space (from the front page)

    Is it a problem that watching this makes it seem that much more appealing? If the next round of volvo media coverage is this good it'll be a fun race to follow...
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    New Collegiate 420s

    Not sure if this was posted already, but I only just saw it... Almost makes the new LP "420s" seem interesting...
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    Online comics

    So I was wondering how many anarchists read webcomics, and if so which ones. I read a few such as xkcd (, questionablecontent ( and phd (, as well as a few others whose names I can't currently recall (the bookmarks are on another computer). Every...
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    "Foiled" mini

    What does anyone know about the claim that there's a mini ready for this years transat using the system shown on the fp? Looks like a cool idea, curious if there's any pictures or at least hearsay about what seem to be a cool new innovation...
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    Centreboard trailing edge

    I'm in the process of fixing/refurbishing my contender's wood centreboard which has taken a bit of a beating over the last season. A lot of the damage gets incurred when inexperienced sailors try to get on the centreboard over the trailing edge with their trap hook taking a chunk with it. I was...
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    Long distance cruising

    So it's an idea that a friend and I have been tossing around, and though it would be a while in the future, I'm curious whether it's even realistic. We're looking at getting a mini (probably a series) together for some long distance sailing. I'm wondering how reasonable it is to do long...
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    So, I have a piece (not boat related) that needs to be stiff, it's a board supported at each end and so flexes when I load up the middle. I was thinking of stiffening it up with some uni carbon, but only want to put a single layer on (if possible). Is it more likely to be effective stiffening on...
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    Textbook covers

    So I was shown this textbook by a friend today: Anyone recognize the boat? Crew? Regatta even? I always wondered why they use stock images for the covers, but I'm not going to complain if I can get a textbook library full of sailing...
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    ISAF Annual Conference

    So, here we are a few days into the ISAF Annual Conference in Ireland. Does anyone have any news or stories of what's been/being discussed? There are plenty of big discussions going on, let those of us who can't be there hear something!
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    RS600FF, a foiling flop?

    After a lot of hype, the RS600FF just dropped off the radar. Was it just not a good boat? They appear on occasion for sale and often at really low prices. I also understand they started making carbon hulls, did that help the performance significantly? I remember vaguely that they were a little...
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    Olympic Supplied Equipment

    So now that the games are over, the medals have been counted and everyone's done their spin on the medal count to show that they're the best, what happens to all the supplied boats? I can see the lasers going into training streams and whatnot, but what about RS:Xs and Elliots that are (at least...
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    Rules / finishing question

    If this has been covered before, link to it and let this thread die. Sailing at a regatta with courses around permanent racing marks, start from one mark, race the course (with roundings to both port and starboard being common) then we're done, simple enough. Now here's the situation, the...
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    From the story on the front page (should be at in a few days), a short blurb on 3 all-girl teams who raced with the rest of us in Newport last weekend. I have to congratulate them on an amazing performance, those were long days on the water...