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  1. Great Red Shark

    The Billionaire Funders of the Big Lie/Coup they cover the part where the Democrats stormed the Capital and smear shit on the walls while parading with Confederate flags and Camp Auschwitz sweat shirts?
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    How Racist is MAGA?

    Why don't you just say that you haven't really followed American Politics for the past 50 years?
  3. Great Red Shark

    R.I.P. Laurie Davidson

    Yep, that's the one - I wonder what happened to her. I was crew on the competition, but knew Pete from the clubs and he invited me to sail with them one day - a very early shake-down sail, actually - and it was blowing like heck. I step aboard and quickly noticed the dinghy-swivels on the...
  4. Great Red Shark

    Running small shop vac on inverter

    Completely separate from the power considerations, the "Bucket Head" makes for THE MOST unstable vacuum I have ever had to use. Give it one sideways look and it falls right over - top heavy & narrow, it's more annoying than useful.
  5. Great Red Shark

    R.I.P. Laurie Davidson

    We had a great red and white IMS design, about 42 feet, here in Hawaii, arrived '92-ish. Originally it was "Power Play" and then later "Outlaw", and then sold back to down under.
  6. Great Red Shark

    boat weight one design

    80 lbs in a 1D35? No biggie 80 lbs in a Hobie16 ? No chance
  7. Great Red Shark

    Holding Tanks

    Ah, yes: C A D Cardboard Aided Design
  8. Great Red Shark

    Over-boom spinnaker sheeting on a fractional rig

    Just have your sailmaker put a grommet in the sail, run it through there. Job, jobbed.
  9. Great Red Shark

    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    Cue the "Gee, I DON'T KNOW HOW those fellas got the idea they needed to HURT anybody, just because we've been telling them the others aren't full citizens and are REPLACING them."
  10. Great Red Shark

    Bob Perry is Legend

    Great pic, silly thread. Never had a whiff of BP's politics, and doubt he was in the "the press in the enemy of the people" wing of anything.
  11. Great Red Shark

    Coast Guard orders unvaccinated cadets off campus

    But....Illegal Immigrants! Way to go full asshole, there Meatwad.
  12. Great Red Shark

    Hobie Magic 25 Running Rigging Diagram?

    When in doubt, just copy a Melges 24. After all, that's pretty much what they did, just heavier.
  13. Great Red Shark

    The Megabyte thread

    Glad you've sorted that out - I think you'll enjoy it. And Ven - that Glaser main looks good.
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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Tell me again about extremist liberals and divisiveness in American politics.
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    What ever happened to the Moore 30

    The modified Hobie33 that Larry Klein was lost from did not have a canting keel - it had a turbo rig and racks. The first functional canting keel was from the Dyna Yachts guys in San Diego. They had a couple test-bed boats, I believe the first one was a Soling, and later a Catalina 27. I...
  16. Great Red Shark

    Front page screed

    features photo from NON AC Event...just sayin' (Looks to me like the 12 Worlds, ahead of the Fremantle cup perhaps)
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    One of those conceptual ideas - like telescoping masts, that in vague concept seem like they have some benefit but...
  18. Great Red Shark

    Trump's last General

    C'mon. Who did Nazi that coming?
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    Getting tough with the anti-vaxxers

    Just last week was informed of a high school friend who has passed away - an DIY affair - who was severely Trumpy and anti-vaxxy and was deeply upset at not being able to work a special gig that required the vax - don't know at all if that was a straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back deal or what but...