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  1. Greever

    RIP Austin1972 1972-2020

    I am sorry to say that our resident cow expert Austin1972 has passed. He had been sick for the past month and was down in Illinois selling his house so that he could move to Michigan and live with his SO/childhood sweetheart. She had last talked to him this past Sunday, and when she hadn’t...
  2. Greever

    Intercom/Life Alert options for elderly?

    So I wake up this morning to find 2 EMT's caring for my Mother in Law. Apparently her tongue has swollen up because of a reaction to prescription drugs. My Wife and I live with her in a split level home. I was downstairs and had no idea what was happening. I have seen the Life Alert...
  3. Greever

    Droid X2 Chart Apps?

    So I just got a new Droid X2 and am on the Verizon network. I was wondering what the best Chart App is? The Navionics one seems good but I don't want to drop the coin until I can get some feedback from fellow anarchists. Suggestions on free weather apps would be nice as well. Remember I am on...
  4. Greever

    Yanmar Thermostat

    So I have a Yanmar 2QM-15 on SevenSundays. Raw water cooled. Since I launched her last week, I can't run her for more than 10-15 minutes before the cooling water buzzer goes off. She has a new impellor, new mixing elbow, clear strainer and seacock, and has a shitload of water exiting from the...
  5. Greever

    Ajax makes front page!

    Looks like CA's Resident Racer made the front page. Got a pic of his 4ktsb on there too! Props Ajax. Your enthusiasim for sailing is inspirational, and brings back many memorys of when I first learned to sail. So when are you buying a Mumm 30? ;)
  6. Greever

    CA36 thread closed!

    So dawg closed the CA36 thread permanently. :( Unfuckingbelievable! :angry: Notfuckingcool.......
  7. Greever

    transfer pump?

    I need to empty the diesel tank on my S2. Is there some kind of inexpensive manual pump available?
  8. Greever

    CZ is able to displace water!

    You heard it here first! :lol:
  9. Greever

    DOGZilla II

    This came to me yesterday while I was working. What if DOGZilla II is a catamaran? That would sure throw Ernie for a loop! As long as she is 90'x90' it would be deed compliant, no?
  10. Greever

    WLYDO Challenge!

    OK: So I saw the excitement in Bobs boat thread regarding the possibility of making his boat a kit. I understand why it wouldn't work as drawn. So here is the challenge: Draw a good looking, great sailing, trailer-sailer. (that can be built by someone with reasonable skills) Not a Sportboat...
  11. Greever

    Illinois Sweet Corn Anarchy!

    So a few months ago I mentioned in a thread about Sweet Corn how you can't get real corn in Arizona. Then a few weeks ago a fellow Anarchist PMs' me for my address saying he's got a box of Illinois Sweet Corn to send me! :) Just had to give props to a cool Anarchist who knows his Sweet Corn...
  12. Greever

    Illinois Sweet Corn Anarchy

    So I just had to give props to an Anarchist who sent me some Sweet Corn from Illinois, after learning on another thread how much I missed REAL corn. I wont name names, but he knows who he is. Thanks! Here are some pics of the corn grilled with some Alaskan Salmon and Steak:
  13. Greever


    A comment on CA brought this question up. What say thee? I think we are headed in that direction,and it's not a good thing. A lot of people seem to want to be taken care of by the government from "cradle to grave", and it makes me sick.
  14. Greever

    Deed of Gift

    Apparently I am becoming an Americas Cup Junky and I would like to purchase a copy of the Deed of Gift suitable for framing. Anyone know any sources? Also: Books on the history of the Americas Cup would be cool too. I allready have L. Frances Herreshoffs' "The Golden Age of Yachting". Any...
  15. Greever


    OK, this is a hot subject for me, as it raises my blood pressure a tad. I have my boat stored on a custom trailer in my backyard. It only gets about 2-3 hours of direct sun a day and also has two trees that form a bit of a canopy over her. I normally keep her pretty clean, but last Summer I...
  16. Greever

    Diesel parts

    I have a Yanmar 2QM-15 diesel engine that will need new motor mounts and a few other goodies soon. (belts, impeller, stuff like that) Anyone know of a good source on the West Coast to purchase said items? Thanks!
  17. Greever

    Port vs. Starboard

    Methersgate 14 has got me thinking: How old are the Port vs. Starboard rules? He had mentioned Galleys being traditionaly placed on portside, so that cooking underway you can remain on starboard tack and have the galley low. Then in another thread I noticed he said that the main halyard is...
  18. Greever

    PHRF rating?

    I was wondering how one goes about finding what your boats PHRF rating is? I don't even know what it stands for? I would like to put my boat back in San Diego within a year or so and thought it would be fun to enter a non-spin cruising class race. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  19. Greever

    Raymarine or B&G?

    I will be shopping for new instruments soon. I was looking at the Raymarine tri-data system. (wind, speed, depth) Eventually I will be adding a belowdecks auto-pilot and want the instruments to come from the same manufacturer so they don't have problems "talking" to each other. So if you were...
  20. Greever

    Cat or Proa?

    The boat on the homepage looks pretty cool. I was just wondering if it was considered a Cat, or a Proa?