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  1. JMOD

    flying in pro Race Officers

    Hi all,  starting to organise a world cup. the club involved is knowledgeable, But we want to make sure sailing is top notch. therefor we are thinking of getting a commercial, professional race committee/officer on board with the help of the local club, so they can also learn something or...
  2. JMOD

    metreclass yacht keel difference between 2nd and 3rd rule

    hi all,  Question, what is the difference between a 2nd and 3rd rule meterclass yacht keel? What would change to the keel if you want to update a 2nd rule boat to a 3rd rule keel? if there are before/after pictures, this would help! thanks
  3. JMOD

    screwable low friction rings from VMG or alternatives

    Has anyone used the VMG through deck fittings/ screwable low friction rings? and are there alternatives? looks like a versatile bit of kit. I am planning on putting some on my dragon, but I would like to know more first hand experience and hear about alternatives before placing an order and...
  4. JMOD

    new mini, who says it needs to be beautifull

    looks purpose built. Not very pretty, but pretty cool none the less. more pictures and stories here:à-leau-dun-bateau-révolutionnaire/1040310426057308
  5. JMOD

    Dragon layout - latest tips & tricks

    Hi all, this spring, i bought an older, but still good dragon (a Borresen and named her Bloody Mary, as she is ferrari red) to start racing with the local fleet After this first season, it is clear things have to change in the boat lay out. Either because it was too old and need fixing, or...
  6. JMOD

    info on monotype 7.50

    Does anyone have more info on them? I know it's a French design and I have looked at the class site. It looks nice and found a couple for a reasonable price. so maybe thinking about buying it. Interested in user experiences of these boats for both sailing and maintenance. mainly used for...
  7. JMOD

    bikini bridges

  8. JMOD

    8mR racing in Helsinki this summer, tips, advice, etc

    Hello all, This summer, I'll be racing a classic 8mR in Helsinki during the world cup there. However, i have never sailed there as my main ground is NL/UK (solent) based. So, if you have any tips regarding helsinki and the sailing there, let me know. I am hoping to find something like this as...
  9. JMOD

    front page

    I'm always looking forward to some more sailing news. but today made me wonder... how much non-foiling news is out there? (ps. sorry for mentioning "his"name...)
  10. JMOD

    When buying a star

    a teammate of mine and i are looking to buy a star. what are thinks to look out for? weak spots, difference between the builders, etc. we now have an eye on a Lillia out of 1995, what are things to look out for. we are already looking at boats that have an: - epoxy hull - dubbel bottom...
  11. JMOD

    Not RAK?????

    I'm probably not the first one to notice this article, but is it right? i was looking forward to see the races and in the proces of booking!! America's Cup challenger calls for RAK to be dropped SAILING ROW: The...
  12. JMOD

    Log Rollin'

    we need more classes like that to get more people into sailing... :rolleyes:
  13. JMOD

    sailing competition for 2009

    hi everybody, my team and i are looking for a race calendar for 2009 in order to schedule some good races and get some good practice. we now have a schedule until april/may in holland (as we are still planning, there is room for other races as well), after which there is little competitive...
  14. JMOD

    swan cup 2008 porto cervo

    just checking out who will be there. also the week before this, when the maxi's are sailing there. I will be there on Baraka (swan 53) and Baraka GP (cs42). who else is there?
  15. JMOD

    field hockey ladies

    if you want to watch something good, women field hockey is on now with the beautiful dutch girls playing some fine argentinians.... if you need to be convinced why this is almost as good as beachvolley, use google... btw, if you want to know why men love to see women's field hockey in holland...
  16. JMOD

    good grip gloves

    hi everybody, I was just wondering, I am relatively new to yacht racing (I sail on a Swan 53 and a cs42) and looking for some gloves with good grip. On the 53 I was at the grinding post so the need for gloves wasn't there, but on the 42 i moved to the mast. I have the musto gloves and have also...