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  1. Soho

    Stopping Transmission Leak - ZF Drive - Does leak sealer work ?

    I have a slow leak,   few ounces a week maybe in my ZF V drive transmission.  Its going to have to come out,  pain in the ass,  to get the seals done.   Curious if anybody has tried something like the Blue Devil Transmission leak sealer.  From the reviews,  it seems to work often on cars etc.  ...
  2. Soho

    2007 Xantrex MS200 Inverter SCP ( System Control Panel ) Needed

    Soooo..... The System Control Panel for my 2007 Xantrex MS2000 inverter/battery charger is nearing its end of life, at least the little LCD screen on it is, hard to read it now. It is the interface you use to set up the unit and monitor performance etc, so it is needed from time to time...
  3. Soho

    What is needed to spray awlgrip or other 2 part paints

    I would like to try my hand at spraying paints like Awlgrip or a another 2 part, Interlux Perfection etc. Here is where i am, - no experience spraying -have a small Whaler that I can practice on - I can sand and reshoot to learn - have a Campbell Hausfield DIY type air compressor, checking...
  4. Soho

    Teak Decking Systems - any experience with use for replacement of a wh

    Does anybody have any direct experience with replacing a teak deck with Teak Decking Systems product ? Looking for input on quality, ease of overall process, cost etc Reference case would be a 42 foot CR type boat and would be a complete replacement
  5. Soho

    Too much headsail up, sheet outboard ?

    A while back we were caught with too much headsail up and no option to change down. Was using a #2 in 22-24 knots and needed the #3 which would normally go up @ 18 kts. From a driving perspective I tried to feather when I could to keep the boat upright etc. Jib was trimmed tight. Would...
  6. Soho

    TotalBoat Products - experience with them

    I have been seeing more and more advertising from Jamestown Distributors on their expanding line of TotalBoat products, - epoxies, adhesives etc what are people finding in actual use ?
  7. Soho

    Slow transmission leak - ZF 15MIV - Anybody used transmission leak sto

    My ZF 15MIV tranny has a small leak - drops of fluid over a week or so @ the mooring. It was taken apart for inspection about a year ago and of course the leak started then. It is not a trivial issue to remove it for remediation on a work bench, and the leak is not so annoying as to warrant a...
  8. Soho

    NE WR2 for Life Lines - does it mildew in warm and humid locations

    Want to use some of NE Ropes WR2 for lifelines, but live in a warm humid environment where the boat is in the water 365. Does anybody know if WR2 mildews ?
  9. Soho

    Needed - Merriman 4" Bronze Sheaves for Pedestal Steering System

    I need to replace one of the 4" sheaves on my Merriman pedestal steering system. Looking for an old Merriman part before I try sourcing something more current. I know that I can probably use the Edson aluminum one if needed, just thought I would troll SA members to see if anybody has one or...